The Best Places to See the Spring Flowers in Israel

Spring is the best time to see the flowers in Israel. The weather is pleasant, following the heavy rainfall and chill of winter and just before the heat waves of the summer take over. The abundant rainfall has saturated the grounds, giving way for the spring flowers to blossom into full effect. Israel is known for its colorful fields of pink, red, and yellow that dot the country. Despite its tiny size, Israel is very diverse in flora and wildflower species. Spring is a time when the pinkish almond trees are in full bloom and the famous red poppies are springing up all over the south. Pack a picnic, lather on some sunscreen, grab a hat, and go for a hike. Seeing Israel’s wildflowers should definitely be added to your Israel bucket list! Here are the best places to see the spring flowers across Israel.

darom adom israel

Darom Adom

Darom Adom is the most popular flower festival in Israel. It attracts thousands of people every year, who come out to the northern Negev to see the red Anemone (in Hebrew, Kalanit). While there is an official weekend of the Darom Adom Festival, the flowers can be seen for a few months, typically from February to April. The anemone are most often red, but they also may appear in white, pink, purple, and blue.

Golan Heights

In the north of Israel, you’ll find Irises, tulips, and orchids. The blooming typically happens later, in late March and early April, due to the area’s cooler temperatures.


You don’t need to go far to find the gorgeous flowers blossoming. Just 30 minutes outside of Tel Aviv, in south Netanya, you’ll find the purple Iris. The best time to go is from February to March. An added perk? You have gorgeous views of the Mediterranean.

israel flowers

Lupine Hill

Just south of Beit Shemesh, you’ll find Givat Hatourmasim (Lupine Hill) in the Elah Valley. The northern road rocks a generous collection of anemones. But where the area really glows is on the southern side of the road, which is full of purple lupine (in Hebrew, Turmus).  For the best view of the area, take the 10-minute hike up to the top. This spot is no secret, so do yourself a favor and come early.


Located in the Jerusalem hills, you’ll find Sataf, an area renowned for its hiking and beauty. Almond trees and cyclamens (in Hebrew, Rakefet) are in full force here.

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Mount Gilboa

In the lower Galilee in the Beit She’an Valley, you’ll find Mount Gilboa. People flock here in the spring to see the incredible black and purple Gilboa Iris. The best time to view them is in the middle of March.

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