Dolphin Reef

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The Dolphin Reef in Eilat, on the shores of the Red Sea offers a magical and unique opportunity to observe and swim alongside some of nature’s most magnificent sea creatures.  The Reef is home to a colorful array of tropical fish, beautiful coral and, most significantly, a school of bottle-nosed dolphins including babies born on the site.  It was established over twenty years ago with the vision of bringing humans closer to animals in a sensitive and respectful way.  The dolphins are not kept captive.  They live in their natural habitat and have free access to the open sea should they choose to leave.  Human intervention in their lifestyle is minimized solely to the prevention of endangerment to their existence.

What Can You Do at the Dolphin Reef?


The Reef’s floating piers and observation points allow visitors to watch the dolphins as they maintain their daily routine – play, hunt for food, mate and care for their younger ones.  Alternatively, for a more intimate encounter with these friendly and playful creatures there is the option of guided scuba diving and snorkeling.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is available to any confident swimmer aged between 8 – 88 years old.  Previous experience is not required.  A session lasts for one hour:  Half of this time is devoted to fitting the scuba diving gear, signing the medical statement, and listening to a briefing; the other half is spent in the water with a personal instructor whereby divers will descend to a maximum depth of 6 meters.



Snorkeling is available to any confident swimmer aged between 10 – 88 years old.  A session lasts for one hour:  Half of the time is devoted to fitting the equipment, signing the medical statement and listening to a briefing; the other half is spent in the water in groups of up to three persons and a guide swimming out not far from the shore but to deep waters of a depth of 14 meters.

Also on site at the Dolphin Reef are the relaxation water pools, a restaurant and beach bar, an art & crafts Creativity Corner, and an auditorium showing films about the dolphins.

Relaxation Pools:


Hidden just moments away from the lively beach area at the Dolphin Reef is a beautiful green botanical garden containing three heated soft-water relaxation pools – a fresh sweet water pool, a sea water pool, and a sulphur water pool.  This serene setting combined with calming underwater music and spa treatments forms a haven of total luxury and tranquility.

Packages for Visitors

“Basic Session”:  This includes two hours access to the upper pools plaza, use of the three pools, house refreshments, a personal towel and a few minutes sampling techniques for relaxation in the water by a specialist.  The 9:00am session also a hearty breakfast served at the beach bar.

Personal experience of “Special one on one”:  This includes 30 or 45 minutes of one on one spa treatment in the water by an instructor.

Special Session, “the Ultimate Experience”:  This includes two hours access to the upper pools plaza, use of the three pools, house refreshments and a personal towel.  In addition it includes either the 30 or 45 minute “Special one on one” session.

Useful Information: Dolphin Reef

Opening Hours

Monday- Saturday: 9 am- 5 pm

Prices may change. Please check the official website for up to date information.
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