Biking & Bike Rental on Yom Kippur

Biking on Yom Kippur is both an iconic activity and, as a result of there being virtually no cars on the road and absolutely no public transport, the best option for getting around in Israel. Bike rental on Yom Kippur is difficult seeing as almost all businesses are closed. It is best to arrange bike rentals in advance before the holiday begins.

Biking on Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur is the only day when life in Israel comes to a standstill – in fact, it could be the only day when life in a Western country comes to a stop! All businesses are shut – nobody works. Even the airports are closed (read more about Yom Kippur in Israel here). The roads are empty of all cars except for the occasional police car or ambulance which means that it’s a unique opportunity to bike in Tel Aviv and many other big cities!

This is also an opportunity to test out using a scooter in Tel Aviv. All streets including the major intercity highways are flooded with bikes – from kids to experienced adults, it’s an environmentalists vision and an amazing opportunity to see Israel from another perspective.

Bike Rental on Yom Kippur

Bikes from Tel-O-Fun in Tel Aviv can be rented over Yom Kippur

With businesses shut, bike rental on Yom Kippur can be difficult. All bike rentals need to be arranged in advance, before sundown on the eve of Yom Kippur.

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