Best Beaches in Israel

When you ask a Sabra what they think are the best beaches in Israel, you’re bound to get an array of answers. This small country has over 100 kilometers of sandy Mediterranean coastline. There are also beaches at the Dead Sea, the Sea of Galilee, and on the Red Sea, in Eilat. Israel’s beaches cover a range of options. From the urban beaches of Tel Aviv, busy with young hipsters taking a break from city life, to the rural and quiet beaches of the Northern Coast in the Western Galilee. Some beaches are popular with surfers, others with dog owners, and some are closely hidden secrets! Every Israeli has one beach they will argue is the best; here are some of our choices for the best beaches in Israel.

Tel Aviv Beach

Of course, the Tel Aviv beach, which stretches over 10km along the Mediterranean is a firm favorite. Divided into over ten individual beaches, each of Tel Aviv’s beaches has its own character and crowd. They stretch from the Tzur Beach in the far north of the city which is a favorite with locals and relatively quiet by urban standards, to the central stretch of beaches. These include the Gordon, Frishman, Bograshov, and Dolphinarium Beaches which are always busy. It also heads out to Hilton Beach and its gay crowd, or the southern beaches attracting hipsters and locals. Read more about the Tel Aviv Beach in our dedicated article.

Caesarea Beach

The Caesarea Aqueduct Beach is a truly unique beach. It’s about 50km north of Tel Aviv, just north of the Herodian port of Caesarea. The ruins of an ancient Roman Aqueduct mark the inland edge of the beach and the clean sands don’t attract hoards of visitors.

This beach gets busy on the weekend with locals. The breathtaking aqueduct is a popular stop-off for many tour buses. With no restaurants and promenade, it is something in between the almost forgotten beaches of the Northern Coast, and the busier beaches of the city. Because of the aqueduct, it’s a particularly great photo spot at sunset.

Travel & Leisure named Caesarea the best tourist spot in the Middle East in 2020. We are sure that its beaches had something to do with it. Now is the time to go!

Jizr al-Zarqa Beach

Far from the beaten track, Jizr a-Zarqa is an authentic Arab fisherman village on the coast just north of Caesarea. Other than a scattering of villagers, the beach here is almost deserted, and almost totally untouched, with wide plains of clean sand. A fish restaurant is open on odd days, and depending on the holidays. Access the beach from the village of Jizr a-Zarqa, continuing about 500 meters along the dirt track to the sea. There’s also a stream estuary, a particularly beautiful spot.

Beit Yannai

Just South of Caesarea is Beit Yannai Beach. This is a more rural setting with the beach located within a nature reserve. This means it is beautifully maintained. An entrance fee is payable for parking. It’s especially popular with watersport enthusiasts, kitesurfing in particular. The Beit Yannai beach is also the estuary of the Alexander River. This runs across Israel from its spring in the West Bank.

Herzliya Beach

The are of Herzliya is an upscale neighborhood just north of Tel Aviv. Herzliya Beach is considered one of Israel’s best beaches, notably quieter than those in Tel Aviv but still getting very busy at summer weekends, yet still developed with lots of lifeguards, restaurants, beach bars, and even a mall at the Herzliya Marina end. The beach is lined with four or five large hotels and is popular with tourists, the locals of Herzliya and the many surrounding cities, and of course, surfers.

Coral Reef Beach, Eilat

Coral Beach in Eilat is the best place to snorkel in Israel, yet is also a popular family beach for tourists visiting the sun-soaked city, and locals alike. The beautiful coral off the shore here can be easily taken advantage of with places to rent equipment for snorkeling, and, for those less adventurous, places to eat, sit, and relax and enjoy the sun.

Dolphin Beach, Eilat

Eilat’s Dolphin Beach is located within the Dolphin Reef in Eilat, famed for offering the opportunity to swim alongside dolphins. Pay an entry fee to enter the reef. You’ll get access to a beach which is much quieter than most in the city, and offers food and drinks nearby. It’s important to note that the dolphins are not coerced to interact with humans. It is not guaranteed that you’ll swim with them, but we think just watching them is worth the fee! In our opinion, this is one of the most unique of the best beaches in Israel.

Ein Bokek Beach, Dead Sea

This gorgeous beach at the Dead Sea has great views, a number of facilities nearby, and some stunning sand scultptures that sit right off the shore. While there are other beaches at the Dead Sea, many younger and international travelers think this to be the best, and tours like this one to the Dead Sea visit this beach.

Go Forth and Frolic

Of course, these are just some of the best beaches in Israel, and honestly, they’re all pretty great. We tried to give you a variety of beaches in this guide, and we hope you go out and enjoy yourselves! Remember to stay safe and only enter the sea when a lifeguard is on duty. All of the beaches mentioned here are official beaches with lifeguards, but it’s important to make sure that they are open for bathing with a lifeguard present.