Best Art Galleries in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a dynamic city filled with art, culture, museums, and galleries. Tel Aviv is Israel’s cultural capital, with homegrown talent and international names showing off each month. The city is alive with busy markets, street art, glorious beaches, and delicious food. Tel Aviv is Israel’s non-stop destination with exciting things to see and do every day. Here is our list of best art galleries across the city.

Sommer Contemporary Art

Sommer Contemporary promotes Israeli artists internationally and international artists locally. The gallery also trains future art curators. Impressive pieces of art considered to be among the most influential in Israel are showcased here.

13 Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv

Chelouche Gallery

Chelouche gallery promotes local and international artists specializing in modern mediums. The gallery is in a large and impressive Bauhaus-style twin house. Chelouche is a prominent gallery in Israel displaying works in video art, sculpture, painting, installations, and photography. Exhibitions change regularly. The roof terrace and grand lounge are great places to soak up the atmosphere and sights.

15 Hazorfim Street, Tel Aviv

Beit Ha’ir

Formerly the Mayor’s offices, Beit Ha’ir is part of the Bialik White City complex. The venue displays contemporary art designed to challenge perceptions and engage people. The historic building has deep ties to Israeli cultural movements. The gallery’s permanent exhibits trace the evolution of Tel Aviv. The roof terrace hosts cultural events with panoramic views of the city.

27 Bialik Street, Tel Aviv


Meshuna means “transported” and is the mission of the gallery – to offer a different experience of art in a dynamic atmosphere. Known for the vibrant street art on the surrounding walls, Meshuna is a unique and popular gallery.

112 Herzl, Tel Aviv

tel aviv art galleries

Center for Contemporary Art

The Center for Contemporary Art (CCA) is all about experimental and modern art. Most art on display is inspired by a theme put forward by the gallery, giving their exhibits a unique edginess. The center hosts events throughout the year, check their website for details.

Indie & Hanina

Indie & Hanina is a gallery that is half exhibition space and half education space. The artwork on display is by new and established artists – Indie artists specialize in video and photography and Hanina artists use a broad range of mediums. The gallery is a collective non-profit aiming to represent a more diverse range of Israeli art. The unique education space hosts a variety of artistic activities for visitors.

25 Hanina Street, Jaffa, Tel Aviv

Binyamini Ceramic Center

Founded in 2011, Binyamini Ceramic Center is a non-profit passionate about ceramic art and is a great place to find elegant and unusual ceramics. The center offers classes and workshops for all levels. All the details can be found on their website.

17 Ha’amal Street, Tel Aviv

Art Space

The mission of Art Space is to promote art and culture in Israel. Art Space currently hosts over sixty emerging and well-known artists. The exhibitions rotate every two weeks, showcasing two artists at a time. Thanks to their open studio policy, visitors can see works in progress and watch the artists in action.

6 Shvil Ha-Merets Street, Tel Aviv

Ilana Goor Museum

Ilana Goor has been a revered Israeli artist for over 60 years. Entirely self-taught, she is considered the champion of multi-disciplinary art. Goor was the first single woman to exhibit at the California Museum of Science and Industry in Los Angeles in 1972. Her collection is housed in a 300-year-old building with unparalleled views across Jaffa.

Mazal Dagim St 4, Jaffa

Ilan Adar Studio

Ilan Adar is a versatile painter, sculptor, and photographer. His portfolio consists of various formats and both two and three-dimensional contemporary pieces. He uses a vast range of materials to create his notable art. His studio in the heart of Jaffa is remarkable and worth the visit.

14 Kikar Kedumim, Jaffa

Beit Kandinof

Beit Kandinof is a truly unique concept – an art gallery and restaurant combined. The Beit Kandinof complex is a historic building in the old city of Jaffa and the first of its kind. Five galleries display exhibitions that change monthly. In the center is the restaurant offering beautiful, fresh dishes and delicious cocktails.

14 Hatzorfim, Jaffa

Looking for art galleries outside of Tel Aviv? There are some impressive galleries in Jerusalem that are also worth checking out.

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