ATM’s in Israel

ATM’s are widespread in Israel, with all bank branches having outdoor ATM’s which usually work with international credit cards. Additionally, ATM’s can be found at some kiosks and public transport hubs.

Using ATM’s in Israel

ATM’s in Israel do generally accept common international credit cards such as Mastercard and Visa, although sometimes cards can not work at machines from certain banks, so if you have a problem, try an ATM from another bank before giving up – it could be as simple as that. The one challenge of using ATM’s in Israel for tourists is that the language of the machines is usually Hebrew, so if you don’t read any Hebrew, you either need a friend to help, or a machine which is in English. Luckily, many of the machines in central Jerusalem and Tel Aviv have an English language option.

Am I charged to use ATM’s in Israel?

Yes, there will be a charge for using an international credit card in an Israeli ATM, plus in many cases, a commission fee. Also, be aware that the exchange rate you receive might not be the most competitive available. Having said this, using credit cards to withdraw money can be more convenient and safer than carrying around large volumes of cash.


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