Visiting A Charity in Israel: Neve Michael Children’s Village

If you are planning to visit a charity while in Israel and are looking for a unique, special and meaningful experience, visiting Neve Michael Children’s Village can open your eyes to the important efforts that go on there, while offering a fun, new experience that will make a difference in a child’s life. Neve Michael, located in the beautiful Pardes Hanna area near Caesarea, is an integrative and collaborative children’s center which offers a wide range of services for at-risk children and youth in Israel.

Neve Michael – filled with smiles and laughter

Neve Michael is the only residential home for children at-risk in Israel, and the only facility of its kind. Offering on-site services from psychiatry, psychology, and occupational therapy to social work in two different crisis centers, as well as conventional and para-medical therapies and education, this multifaceted center is a safe haven for these children in need. The main focus of Neve Michael is to provide support through love and nurturing care as well as provide professional treatment for the children to overcome their abuse and offer a bright future to these amazing and deserving children.

Visiting a charity in Israel at Neve Michael

Neve Michael offers crisis support, therapy enrichment, a dynamic music program and a fully functioning elementary school on the grounds. Offering children at risk a safe and warm environment fosters growth and development. This center is filled with smiles and laughter where the children thrive and can be hopeful for a brighter future beyond their dark past.

Visit a charity on your Israel trip

This inspiring center, which has operated for 75 years, not only serves the children who live on the premises but also opens its doors daily to visitors who are planning on visiting a charity in Israel. Travelers from all around the globe, as well as locals, visit this multi-disciplinary facility to engage in a meaningful and social connection with the children. The children love having visitors and the experience is important and purposeful for the children, just as much as the visitors to Neve Michael.

Visitors at Neve Michael can interact with the children and explore the impressive center. Whether interested in learning more about the facilities and the programs offered or playing a fun game of soccer with a group the experience is sure to bring joy to all. The center also houses a chocolate facility which offers a chocolate workshop and a fun activity for both the children and the visitors.

Neve Michael Children's Village is welcoming visitors

Visit Neve Michael together with us

If you’re planning to visit this charity in Israel, tours can be arranged with a days notice, and are flexible to arrange morning or afternoon activities. This is an excellent spot for Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah children to connect with youth of the same age and engage in a meaningful way, and is a great inclusion on a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tour of Israel. Neve Michael also supports their own Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah program for the children who live there who are celebrating this important rite of passage.

Tourist Israel is proud to support Neve Michael and the influential work that it does for the well-being of children. To help support the children and the center, or to learn more about the significant accomplishments of this center read more information here.

What will you experience when visiting Neve Michael

  • The ‘standard’ experience at Neve Michael lasts around 90 minutes and includes a tour of the facilities and a lunch or snack with the kids. (Meal is not charged and can accommodate vegan and gluten-free diets).
  • Enjoy a first-class chocolatier experience where you will engage in a chocolate workshop with the children
  • Tree-planting can be arranged and allow for a unique gardening experience. Garden therapy is offered to the children on site. Planting a tree in Neve Michael’s beautiful garden is a meaningful experience.
  • Engage in a musical experience and learn more about the Sulamot Philharmonic Program which enriches children’s lives through music.
  • Visitors can also just enjoy free time to play with the kids and enjoy a very pleasant experience.
  • Times are flexible for morning or afternoon visits and can easily accommodate both small and large group tours

Neve Michael Children's Village

Getting to Neve Michael in Pardes Hanna from Tel Aviv

About a 45-minute drive from Tel Aviv, or just 10 minutes from Caesarea, Neve Michael is easily accessible by car. Tourist Israel is happy to arrange transportation to and from Neve Michael, or it can easily be added to a day tour and/or tour package if you plan to visit a charity during your stay in Israel.

If you are interested in arranging a tour of this amazing site, please contact our reservation team or check out more on our activities page.

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