How to visit the Golan Heights

Knowing how to visit the Golan Heights is not always simple, in the far north of Israel it is not quite as accessible as many of the other regions, however it’s a region steeped in history, natural beauty, and touristic attraction. Also, because of it’s remoteness and ‘off the beaten track’ feel, it’s really somewhere that visitors love to experience.

How to get to the Golan Heights

The Golan’s rugged landscape is not like elsewhere in Israel

When it comes to working out how to get to the Golan, there are three main options: join a day tour from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, Tiberias or Nazareth, travel independently via public transport, or drive to the Golan.

Day Tours to the Golan

There are two main day tours running to the Golan Heights

  • A fully guided tour running every Sunday and Wednesday from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. More information
  • Alternatively, private tours of the Golan can be arranged any day, and for families or small groups are a cost effective way to explore.

Bus to the Golan

Whilst buses aren’t so frequent, there are buses from the center of Israel to the Golan. Once you arrive, moving around isn’t so simple, but if you’re most interested in hiking or the outdoors, that isn’t such a problem:

  • From Tel Aviv, bus 843 runs direct to Katzrin every day at 16:00. The journey takes around 4 hours stops include the Golan Beach at the Sea of Galilee, and Ramot.
  • From Jerusalem, bus 966 runs direct to Katzrin twice a day at 08:15 and 17:15. The journey also takes around 4 hours and stops include Gamla Reserve.
  • From Tiberias, bus 52, 57, and 62 run 12 times during the day to Katzrin, passing other villages on the way or route 51, 60, 63 64 which connect many of the smaller communities.

Driving to the Golan

Driving to the Golan with a rental car is simple and relatively quick. The roads in the north of Israel are generally quieter than the center, and rental cars offer the ultimate flexibility in this region where public transport is more scarce.

Where to Stay in the Golan

Spring in Golan Heights is a green time of the year and a great time to hike by vad_levin, on Flickr
Spring in Golan Heights is a green time of the year and a great time to hike by vad_levin, on Flickr

Most accommodation in the Golan is zimmer-style which are small, local bed and breakfast style accommodation, run by local families. Here are some picks, across the accommodation spectrum:

  • The Ghengis Khan in the Golan is a Mongolian style tent-village in the community of Givat Yoav in the southern Golan, not far from the Sea of Galilee
  • The intimate Bar Manor Resort, a five suite luxury resort with jacuzzis and spas, in a homely stone building, is located in Moshav Shaal, in the Northern Golan
  • The Moshav Ramot Resort Hotel is one of the largest hotels in the Golan, with 120 rooms, located in this Moshav, not far from the Sea of Galilee
  • With an African style, the Out of Africa resort in Yad Ness, north of the Sea of Galilee, is a small, relaxing resort ideal for couples

What to do in the Golan

The Golan is a paradise for nature lovers, with abundant outdoor activities, hiking trails, and nature reserves. It is also rich in history and culture, with a large Druze population. Read more in our guide about what to do in the Golan.

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