Zimmers in Israel

A unique form of accommodation zimmers in Israel are, in general terms, beautiful rural accommodations somewhat like Bed & Breakfasts but generally smaller, more private, and often, more luxurious. Zimmers in Israel are usually owned privately and located in the grounds of a family home. They are usually self-contained accommodation units, and whilst the exact offering varies from place to place, are often self-catering, quiet, romantic, and luxurious. Zimmers can be found across Israel, however there are large numbers of zimmers in the Galilee and Negev regions (the more rural corners of the country).

Zimmers in Israel
Arbel Holiday Homes in the Galilee

Zimmers are an interesting alternative to hotels which many tourists grab with both hands when offered. The issue is that not many tourists know about them and those who do are often skeptical – either because they don’t have the same glossy websites as their hotel rivals, or because they have an outdated image of very basic accommodation.

Whilst it is true that zimmers vary in standards, just as hotels do, there is a generally high level of service – the owners who have decided to open them are generally hospitable people and provide a warm, friendly, and personal service to their guests – very different to the average hotel. There are also a number of features of zimmers which makes them especially popular with couples – a very large number have private hot tubs or Jacuzzis, and their beautiful rural surroundings provide spectacular panoramic vistas across the beautiful landscapes.

Zimmers in Israel are a great option whether you are looking for a couple of days of quiet or are just looking for somewhere to stay in the rural corners of Israel.

Finding Zimmers in Israel

Information on zimmers in Israel is quite limited in English. Here, you can find a good selection of zimmers in the Negev, or zimmers in the Galilee, or a list of zimmers in Israel.

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