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Tel Aviv Active

  • free workout tel aviv

    Fitness and Workouts in Tel Aviv

    Tel Avivians are about as obsessed with fitness as they are with coffee; and who can blame them when bathing suits are more practical than winter jackets? Whether you’re a spin... explore more
  • scrnli_11_14_2019_10-15-03 AM

    RUN THE CITY, Tel Aviv. December 20, 2019

    Run the City TLV is a fun race suitable for everyone of all athletic levels and physical abilities. It includes 3, 10, and 15-kilometer routes that pass through historic and cultural... explore more
  • Tel Aviv Eurovision

    Eurovision in Tel Aviv, Israel 2019 – 5 Things To Do

    Eurovision, the international song competition will be held in Tel Aviv, Israel from May 14-18, 2019 – and here are 5 things to do during Eurovision in Tel Aviv. The 64th... explore more
  • What to do on a Saturday / Shabbat in Tel Aviv?

    Experiencing a Saturday in Tel Aviv is a unique and special experience unlike other cities in Israel. Compared to Shabbat in Jerusalem, Saturdays in Tel Aviv are different and offer both... explore more
  • Tel Aviv Dogs

    Tel Aviv for Dogs

    Tel Aviv is arguably one of the most dog-friendly cities in the world and walking down any street in the city it is easy to see why. In fact, the municipality... explore more
  • ParkRunningYarkon (RonAlmog)

    HaYarkon Park, Tel Aviv

    HaYarkon Park is set on the outskirts of Tel Aviv. Beautifully tranquil, HaYarkon Park (Ganei Yehoshua) is to Tel Aviv, what Central Park is to New York. HaYarkon Park is the green lung of Tel... explore more
  • Surfing in Tel Aviv by Flickr user werkunz1

    Surfing in Israel

    The Mediterranean Coastline gives rise to loads of opportunities for surfing in Israel, ranging from urban surfing in Tel Aviv to surfing in the rural parts of the Mediterranean Coastal Plain.... explore more
  • Tel Aviv beach by Flickr user naama

    Water sports in Tel Aviv

    Surfing is incredibly popular in Tel Aviv by Flickr user naama The sea plays a huge part in the Tel Aviv lifestyle and water sports are very popular. From sailboats and windsurfing,... explore more
  • TAJogging (naama)

    Jogging in Tel Aviv

    The most idealistic place for jogging in Tel Aviv is the long seafront promenade which is popular in the early morning with Tel Avivians keeping fit. The further north, the better... explore more
  • 6972178429_7ea0e9da64_b

    Biking in Tel Aviv

    As a flat city, biking in Tel Aviv is a great way to explore the streets. Its wide boulevards often have cycle routes in the center of them, and there are... explore more