Tel Aviv Culture

Music, dance, theatre, film, come in all varieties in Tel Aviv.

Mayumana is now a global phenomenan by Flickr user grittycitygirl

Classical Music

As in all of Israel, classical music is very popular in Tel Aviv, so there are a lot of events but these do get sold out, so make sure you book before you go. See the Tel Aviv Events page for up to date listings of events. Below are some of the main classical venues in Tel Aviv to check.

The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra is one of the world’s leading orchestras. Based in Tel Aviv at the Mann Auditorium, one of the city’s most prestigious music venues, they hold concerts throughout the year.

Incredible shows. Image by Goni Riskin (

The Israeli Opera, as well as having opera performances have classical concerts and dance performances at their base  in the city.

The Israeli Chamber Orchestra is also based in Tel Aviv, whilst another venue hosting a large number of classical concerts is the Enav Cultural Center.

Concerts take place in loads of other venues across the city, including the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and The Felicja Blumenthal Centre.

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Popular Music

Israel is slowly becoming a destination for many popular artists’s world tours with 2008 seeing the likes of Blondie, Deep Purple, and Paul McCartney performing in the city. Israel has a diverse popular music industry of its own, and often small concerts are held in Tel Aviv nightclubs as well as larger venues such as the Yarkon Park and Fairgrounds.


Tel Aviv is home to many of the country’s major dance companies, festivals and venues. Among these are the Suzanne Dellal Center, located in the center of the historic Neve Tzedek neighborhood in Tel Aviv and The Israel Opera located in downtown Tel Aviv. A more intimate setting for smaller dance ensembles is the Tmuna Theatre. Dance companies in permanent residence in Tel Aviv include the Batsheva Dance Company, the Israel Ballet (click to read more), the Inbal Pinto and Avshallom Pollak Dance Company and the Inbal Ethnic Dance Center.

The world-renowned Mayumana is based in Tel Aviv. Combining music, dance and acrobatics, they put on a cool show which really has to be seen to be understood.


Tel Aviv has long been a center of theater. Israel’s national theater, Habima, is based in the city although is currently undergoing renovation. The Cameri Theater, Beit Lessin Theatre, and, Gesher theaters also have shows. Many shows in Tel Aviv are in Hebrew, although some have simultaneous translations into English.


Cinemas in Tel Aviv vary from large multi-screen cinemas showing international language blockbusters (usually in English with Hebrew subtitles) and Israeli films (often with English subtitles) to small unique cinemas showing foreign or alternative films.

The Tel Aviv Cinematheque shows alternative and classic films whilst the Tel Aviv Museum Cinema shows foreign films. The Lev Cinema is a multi-screen cinema in the Dizengoff Center showing blockbusters, whilst just outside the city is Cinema City, a huge complex of cinemas.

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