Tefen Open Museum

In the relatively remote hills of the Western Galilee lies the Tefen Open Museum which is a unique collection of exhibitions in a unique setting: an industrial park. This is no typical industrial park, however. There are a handful of Tefen Industrial Parks across peripheral regions of Israel. The vision of Israeli industrialist Stef Wertheimer, the parks are designed to bring industry to regions with little economic success by creating a green and beautiful setting within which to work. The park includes firms such as Sandisk and ISCAR, the firm founded by Wertheimer which was the beneficiary of first overseas investment by Warren Buffet.

The Open Museum in this, the original Tefen park includes sculpture gardens, artwork, a vintage car collection, displays on the Tefen Model, as well as changing internal exhibitions.

Vintage Car Collection in Tefen by Talmoryair (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

The Museum’s diverse displays include:

  • Gallery of Israeli art displaying changing exhibits of art and sculpture.
  • A sunning sculpture garden situated in the green grounds of the park with work by Israel’s leading artists.
  • Museum of German Speaking Judaism
  • A collection of classic cars, including 40 cars from the 1930’s.
  • Museum of industrial art, presenting milestones in the evolution of cutting and chiseling techniques.
  • There is also a video presentation explaining the Tefen Model and the park itself.

Hours: Sunday- Thursday 9:00- 17:00, closed on Fridays, Saturday and holidays 10:00- 17:00.

Location: On the Karmiel-Ma’alot highway (highway 854)

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