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Museums in Israel

  • IDC 0912

    Tel Aviv Diamond Exchange - 'Bursa'

    The Tel Aviv Diamond Exchange, known locally as the ‘Bursa’, is the world’s largest diamond trading complex. The Exchange employs over 15,000 people from 1,500 companies working and trading here every day.... explore more
  • Ticho House

    Ticho House

    Ticho House is one of the first houses built in Jerusalem in the second half of the 19th century which was purchased by the ophthalmologist, Dr. Avraham Albert Ticho and his wife,... explore more
  • AtlitDetaineeCamp3-JosteinSkevik

    Atlit Detainee Camp Museum

    The Atlit Detainee Camp Museum is located in Atlit, a small town located on the northern coast about 20 kilometers south of Haifa. In the 1930s and 40s, this site served... explore more
  • AyalonMuseum

    Ayalon Institute Museum

    Now a museum, the Ayalon Institute was a secret ammunition factory disguised as part of a kibbutz to fool the British back in the 1940s. Jewish people used the factory in... explore more
  • MitzpeVisitors1

    Mitzpe Ramon Visitor Center

    Opened in 2013, the new Mitzpe Ramon Visitor Center, is set on the northern cliffs of the Ramon Crater, and tells the geological story behind this unique and amazing work of... explore more
  • IlanRamon1

    Ilan Ramon Museum and Memorial, Mitzpe Ramon

    The new memorial and museum for  Ilan Ramon is part of the new Makhtesh Ramon visitor center, on the edge of the ‘crater’ in Mitzpe Ramon. Dedicated to the memory and... explore more
  • TA View RabinCenter

    Yitzhak Rabin Center

    The Yitzhak Rabin Center in Tel Aviv weaves the history of the State of Israel through the life story of one of its most devoted sons. In fact, it is the... explore more
  • Chelouche1

    Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art

    Walk a few blocks down from the busy Carmel Market to Mazeh Street.  Turn left onto a quiet and bright lane of Bauhaus apartments and pillared buildings in the heart of... explore more
  • Israel Museum, Jerusalem via Kym Rohman, on Flickr

    Israel Museum, Jerusalem

    The Israel Museum, Jerusalem is Israel’s largest cultural institution and is ranked among the world’s leading art and archeology museums. Founded in 1965, the Israel Museum, Jerusalem was extensively extended and refurbished... explore more
  • Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv

    The Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv is a stunning museum spread across a beautiful campus in the Ramat Aviv district of the city, overlooking the center of Tel Aviv. The... explore more