Jerusalem Season of Culture. July 27-September 4 2015

Season of Culture - Sacred Music FestivalThe Jerusalem Season of Culture is a festival that comes to Jerusalem every summer. One of the best annual events in Jerusalem, the city hosts a series of riveting creative and artistic experiences from music and dance to poetry, art, and performance. In 2015, the Jerusalem Season of Culture will run from July 27 to September 4.

This year’s Season of Culture festival includes:

  • In-House Festival (July 27-31):  With the theme of presenting original productions related to the city’s interesting homes, this year’s event will extend the idea of “home” and analyze the meaning of “home” in public spaces. One of the projects, HaKol Galui, focuses on the abandoned homes of the Lifta village where Palestinians once lived, but then were replaced by immigrants from Yemen and Kurdistan.
  • Contact Point (August 6): Dozens of artists will take over the Israel Museum for a one night performance. In collaboration with the museum’s 50th anniversary celebration, the event will include “The Exhibition of Exhibitions that Never Were”, a showcase of exhibitions that have not been seen before.
  • Knock Knock (August 9-13): This theatrical experience begins with checking in at the reception desk of a Jerusalem hotel. The performance continues with the interactions of actors, musicians, dancers and broadcasters who create an unforgettable experience for the participants.
  • Frontline (August 16-20): Showcasing Jerusalem’s independent music scene, this festival is an important and creative platform for original productions. It is returning for a third year and is bound to bring an alternative beat to Jerusalem.
  • Under the Mountain Festival (August 23-28): This festival focuses on history’s biggest and most important stage, the Temple Mount. At least 20 artists are coming together to showcase a series of artwork that attempts to neutralize political and national tension surrounding this important site.
  • Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival (August 30-September 4): For almost a week, the city of Jerusalem will be filled with amazing musicians from around the world showcasing their diverse range of styles, artistic genres and voices. The more than 25 performances will take place in five locations throughout the city and include artists from 16 different countries.

Tickets are on sale for the individual events within the Jerusalem Seasons of Culture festival. They can be purchased here.

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Event Date: 04/09/2015

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