Jaffa Port Market

The Jaffa Port Market, in the Port of Jaffa is a unique destination. A converted hangar in the harbor, below the Old City, the Port Market was created in 2012 and features a number of select, high quality food stalls, from gourmet bakeries to an oyster bar, and authentic Middle Eastern foods such as hummus, to high quality sausages. The Port Market also hosts an array of design oriented shops.

Somewhat resembling the great gourmet food markets of the world, including Borough Market in London, with a unique Israeli twist, Jaffa Port Market might not be huge, but it certainly does offer a range of food that is hard to beat in a setting which is truly unbeatable.

Every Friday morning, the Jaffa Port Market features a farmers market from 9am-2pm where fresh quality produce is sold to locals preparing for their weekend meals. The market holds various other special events.

Other special events are taking place in the Jaffa Port, and across the Old City of Jaffa, a part of Israel which should not be missed!

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