5 of the Best Ways to See Israel

With so much diversity among her people, her foods, her religions, and her history, it follows that there is amazing diversity among the ways you can see Israel. As well as the great public transport in Israel and wide array of general coach tours of Israel, there are some fascinating, sometimes unique, and highly memorable ways you can travel around Israel each with their own memories and thrills. From flying high above the land while paragliding in Israel to exploring in a motorhome, here are five of the best ways to see the country, things to consider when you are planning what to do in Israel.

Helicopter tours in Israel

Israel is such a small country that if you take a helicopter tour, you can literally cover the whole country in just a few hours. A helicopter tour of Israel allows you to get right up close to some of the great wonders of history that line the Israeli landscape – the desert fortress and Masada, the amazing sea walls of Akko, and the breathtaking amphitheater and aqueduct at Caesarea. A helicopter tour also gives you an overview of the land that you wouldn’t appreciate from the ground – the political, the natural, and the beautiful!

Segway tours in Israel

Segways are popular ways to explore the cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. These fascinating, unique modes of transport are not only fun to drive but also a practical way to explore, being significantly faster than walking. Take a segway tour of Jerusalem and explore the Haas Promenade with its magical views across this golden city, providing a great overview of its history and development, or explore some of the quaint neighborhoods outside the Old City Walls. Or, take a Tel Aviv segway tour and explore the beachfront, old port of Jaffa, or the Yarkon Park.

Motorhomes in Israel

Motorhomes in Israel allow you to stop almost anywhere

The symbol of the great American roadtrip is also a way to explore Israel. As well as typical self-drive motorhomes in Israel, there are some totally unique options, such as the BlueBus motorhome, a romantic way to travel around, spending an evening, a day, or a week, relaxing, exploring, and creating long-lasting memories. From a motorhome, you get a perspective of the land that you would otherwise not, meeting and interacting with locals and the nature of Israel.


If a helicopter tour of Israel is not extreme enough for you, forget the comfort of the seat and go paragliding in Israel. The country’s mild climate and beautiful landscapes provide an awesome range of launch points and tour experiences. Only in Israel can you soar high above the sites of Biblical battles, and jump off the same cliffs that are talked of in the Bible. Paragliding is amazing for anyone with extreme sports in their blood.

Jeep tours

A jeep tour of Israel is a sensational experience. Whether you tour the rocky Negev Desert in the south of the country, near to the Dead Sea, or near the fascinating Ramon Crater, or, if you tour the Galilee by jeep, passing green hills and beautiful vineyards, going offroad takes you that little bit deeper into the fabric of the country, beyond where the average tourist goes, and forming beautiful images that will likely remain with you forever.

Other ways to see Israel

There are literally hundreds of ways you can see the country when you travel to Israel. We have loads more ideas within our Israel tours pages, and across the whole site…. If there is something you want to do, whether you see it on the site or have an idea but cant find more information about it anywhere, just send us a message and we’ll give you all the information we can, even referring you to the place to do it.

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