Walk About Love, Israel. October-December, 2015

Walk About Love is an annual walking festival in Israel where locals and tourists from around the world join together in an incredibly special and unique trek across the land of Israel.  The route follows the Israel National Trail which traverses the entire breadth of the land from the country’s southern point at the Gulf of Aqaba in Eilat to Mount Hermon near the Lebanese border in the north.  The trail is 1,000km and takes approximately 80 days to complete.  Israel’s diverse terrain means that each day brings with it new and exciting spectacular scenery.  Beginning with the breathtaking red rock mountains and vast sandy desert over time the landscape transforms into clear blue seas and lush green forests. The 2015 hike will take place between October 8-December 12. Book your space now.

THe Trail

The Israel National Trail has been listed in the National Geographic’s 20 most “epic trails”.  But completing the journey through the group Walk About Love adds an extra layer to this magical experience.   It provides a warm and welcoming environment comprised of nature-loving and adventurous peoples of all ages and nationalities.  Each night participants come together around a camp fire to cook, drink, sing, dance and play musical instruments before falling asleep under the stars.  Sleeping arrangements are at designated campsites recognized in accordance with Israel’s National Authorities.  Walkers travel independently yet all logistical arrangements are taken care of including food, water, mattresses, firewood, first aid (if necessary) and transportation of personal luggage.  This enables them to enjoy the walk with peace of mind and is perfect for those unfamiliar with Israel’s terrain and its language and would be too cautious to otherwise walk the trail alone.

Walk About Love 2015

There is the option to register for the entire 80 days of the journey or, for those with less time, the chance to select a section of it (for a minimum of 10 days).


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2015 marks the 8th year that this walk has taken place.  It began in October and is expected to finish at the 12th of December.


  • Weeks 1 & 2: Mt. Hermon, Jordan River Sea of Galilee
  • Weeks 3 & 4: Mediterranean sea Tel-Aviv & Jerusalem
  • Weeks 5 & 6: Jerusalem Forest & Northern the Negev desert
  • Weeks 7 & 8: The craters & Negev desert
  • Week 9: Eilat mountains

The journey starts really soon. There is limited space in the group

To book your space, sign up here, or contact us.

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Event Date: 12/12/2015

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