How to Visit and Tour Israel from Singapore

JerusalemSqThere has never been an easier time to visit and tour Israel from Singapore. With more and more flight connections between Israel and Asia at lower prices, no need for a pre-arranged visa for Singaporeans, and great options for traveling in Israel whether you prefer to tour with a group touring package, independently, or with a combination of freestyle exploring and daily tours. With tight relations and so many similarities between Singapore and Israel, Singaporeans are made to feel at home in Israel, just as Israelis are made to feel at home in Singapore. In this article we will outline the important information for anyone thinking about visiting and touring Israel from Singapore.

Flights from Singapore to Israel

Singapore and Tel Aviv still lack a direct flight route, although Singapore Airlines is rumored to be coming to Tel Aviv. Despite that, there are great flight connection options available which make the journey from Singapore to Israel not too tricky.

As of February 2017, these are the best flight connections from Singapore to Tel Aviv. Important things to note:

  • We suggest that you consider flying via Amman (best connection is with Thai to Bangkok and Royal Jordanian to Amman, or Qatar Airways with a stop in Doha). If you are taking a package tour of Israel and Jordan you can start this in Amman and end in Amman. Note that because of the route taken, the flight from Bangkok to Tel Aviv including one stop in Amman, is the same as a direct flight from Bangkok to Tel Aviv.
  • We do not suggest flying with El Al due to its poor delay performance, and old aircraft.
  • Other good one-stop connections on quality airlines are Turkish via Istanbul or Singapore Airlines and Swiss via Zurich
14h 45m+
Singapore Airlines, El Al
via Mumbai
16h 0m+
Thai, El Al
via Bangkok
16h 10m+
Qatar Airways, Aegean
via Doha, Larnaca
16h 35m+
Thai, Royal Jordanian
via Bangkok, Amman
16h 45m+
Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian
via Doha, Amman
17h 45m+
Oman Air, Royal Jordanian
via Muscat, Amman
17h 55m+
Emirates, Turkish
via Dubai, Istanbul
17h 55m+
Singapore Airlines, Alitalia
via Rome
18h 0m+
via Istanbul
18h 15m+
Etihad, Royal Jordanian
via Abu Dhabi, Amman
18h 45m+
Cathay Pacific, El Al
via Hong Kong
19h 10m+
Singapore Airlines, Swiss
via Zürich

Return flights from Tel Aviv to Singapore

14h 50m+
via Istanbul
14h 50m+
El Al, Thai
via Bangkok
14h 55m+
Royal Jordanian, Singapore Airlines
via Amman, Bangkok
15h 0m+
El Al, Jet Airways
via Mumbai
15h 10m+
Royal Jordanian, Oman Air
via Amman, Muscat
15h 40m+
Royal Jordanian, Emirates
via Amman, Dubai
16h 15m+
Royal Jordanian, Qatar Airways
via Amman, Doha
16h 25m+
El Al, Cathay Pacific
via Hong Kong
18h 35m+
KLM, Singapore Airlines
via Amsterdam
18h 40m+
Swiss, Singapore Airlines
via Zürich

Visa requirements from Singapore to Israel

Singapore citizens do not need to pre-arrange a visa to Israel, a 3 month tourist visa is issued upon arrival.

Those visitors who wish to combine a visit to Israel with a visit to Jordan or just to Petra, are also not required to pre-arrange a visa to Jordan.

Is traveling in Israel comfortable for Singaporeans?

TelAviv Pagoda House (Yoav Lerman)Israel is a safe country to visit, with high levels of personal safety, low crime rates, and very strong security. Similar in many ways to Singapore itself, and many similarities exist thanks to the strong political and military links between the two countries. Women can walk alone in the streets at night without feeling threatened, and in most of Israel, especially Tel Aviv, the culture is very liberal, with flamboyant or provocative fashion the norm.

Food in Israel is of a high quality, with a huge array of cuisines from around the world, as well as homegrown food, both street foods, and more gastronomical versions. Food is safe to eat from almost all eateries, and is generally of a high standard. The Israeli culture is quite direct and informal, so service is not provided in the same way as you might find in other places, although it comes with a genuine will to assist and help.

Hotels in Israel are improving in quality, and are of a Western standard. Tel Aviv has a very competitive hotel market with major hotel chains such as Hilton, Sheraton, and Intercontinental, present alongside local chains, and a growing number of boutique hotels which are widely regarded to be the best places to stay in the city. Jerusalem has a number of world-famous hotels such as the King David, American Colony, Mamilla, and Waldorf Astoria.

Tours to Israel from Singapore

Visitors from Singapore to Israel usually travel in one of three ways:

Visitors to Israel from Singapore usually come for 7-12 days, often combining the visit with a trip to Jordan, or other nearby countries. Another top attraction for Singaporean visitors is the Tel Aviv Diamond Exchange where it is possible to purchase polished diamonds at wholesale prices, 50% lower than those found in retail stores.

Or alternatively, stopping en route in Dubai or Qatar for leisure and shopping time.

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