How Tourism Businesses have Been Affected and How You Can Help

Everyone’s happy that life in Israel and the region is returning to normal following the truce signed today. Whilst the Israeli economy weathered the situation over the past two months well on a large scale, the situation affected thousands of tourism related businesses across Israel – from small guest houses to large hotels. Many tourists planning to Israel cancelled trips, but as the situation has begun to return to normal cancellations are reducing and tourism will get back to normal pretty fast.

Travel in Israel remains safe and people who are here are having a great time (read our article about what the situation in Israel is safe and what’s it like to travel in Israel now).

How you can help tourism businesses in Israel

1. Book Hotels Now + Get Great Deals. With occupancy rates in hotels across Israel low, there are loads of great offers available, not just for the coming weeks, but into the future as well. Hotels want to fill their rooms now more than ever, even with reservations into the future. Check out the great deals on hotel booking sites.

2. Take advantage of cheap flight offers. With many people waiting for the situation to return to normal, the price of flights to Israel has dropped dramatically and there are great deals available from cities in Europe and North America to Tel Aviv at prices that have almost never been better. Book now and make your trip super-great value.

3. Stay at smaller placesSacrifice the pool or gym and stay at smaller, family run hotels. The big hotel chains in Israel are often internationally funded, where as smaller businesses are the ones who suffer greatly when tourism drops. Many smaller hotels are struggling financially already and with smaller reserves, are more vulnerable in these situations. The smaller places in Israel generally offer even greater hospitality, with a more familial atmosphere, so try one of Israel’s great independent hostels, a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv, or zimmers/bed and breakfasts away from the cities.

4. Take day tours instead of buying packages. Book one day tours with local providers rather than a big tour package from a travel agent in your country. This way, more money will stay in the Israeli economy (and you’ll probably get a better price at the same time). Check some great day tour options here.

5. Eat out and buy from independent stores. Enjoy Israel’s great restaurant scene away from the hotel, instead of eating in the hotel restaurant, enjoy authentic local places. Buy supplies at independent stores or in the markets that can be found in every Israeli city.

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