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Biking in Israel

  • bird scooters in Tel Aviv

    Scooters in Tel Aviv

    Locals in Tel Aviv are always on the move, from bikes and skateboards to scooters and electric bicycles, there are many modes of transportation. The latest gadget and mode of transportation... explore more
  • Sea of Galilee (Ministry)

    Sea of Galilee Walking or Biking Trail

    Walking or biking around the shores of the Sea of Galilee (the Kinneret) has become increasingly simple in recent years with the development of the Kinneret Trail, a 60km trail for... explore more
  • Biking big golan (Gaspa)

    Biking in Israel

    Biking in Israel is becoming one of the most popular ways for Israelis and tourists alike to enjoy and explore the country. The renaissance in cycling which Israel has seen in the past... explore more
  • AlexanderRiver3

    Alexander River

    The Alexander River, in the Emek Hefer Region of Israel’s Mediterranean Coastal Plain is a beautifully restored river which runs the width of Israel to its estuary near the moshav of... explore more
  • Biking along the Negev Desert's great trails

    Biking in the Negev

    Biking in the Negev in southern Israel is becoming an increasingly popular way for Israelis and tourists alike to explore the beautiful Negev, and satisfy their passions for cycling. Over the... explore more
  • BikingBenShemen

    Mountain Biking in the Ben Shemen Forest

    The Ben Shemen Forest, located about mid-way between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is home to a 32 kilometer single track mountain biking trail, one of the longest trails in the whole of Israel.... explore more
  • Mount Hermon Bike Park by Summer

    Mountain biking is particularly popular at Mount Hermon with special facilities in place at Bike Park, a biking site at the Hermon Ski Resort which has three bicycle trails: a relatively easy one, for... explore more