Biking in the Negev

Biking in the Negev in southern Israel is becoming an increasingly popular way for Israelis and tourists alike to explore the beautiful Negev, and satisfy their passions for cycling. Over the past few years, bike trails in the Negev have been developed at an unprecedented rate, making it easy and safe for bikers of all levels of experience to enjoy the varied terrain, magnificent landscapes, and striking peace and tranquility which biking in the desert provides. As well as the trails, supporting services have been developed: bike centers from where bikes can be rented, tours planned, or guides taken, and accommodation along the trails.

Biking Trails in the Negev

Biking along the Negev Desert's great trails
Biking along the Negev Desert’s great trails

There are two main varieties of biking trails in the Negev Desert: those designed for experienced bikers who might travel to the region to embrace the challenging terrain of the desert, either for a day, or for a whole cycling vacation in Israel, and those designed for family or more intermediate groups which provide more accessible trails yet with the same incredible landscapes and nature. The trails pass through some of Israel’s most spectacular scenery including the Ramon Crater, Zin Valley, Yerukham area, and Halukhim Range.

As with biking in Israel in general, there are a huge array of different options available for biking in the Negev, here are some of the highlighted easy and intermediate trails the region has to offer. Below these, there is more information about other trails, planning trips, and more advanced biking trails.

Biking at Yeruham Lake

At the Yerhuam Lake, two 4km trails are easily accessible for families: the red trail and blue trail. Both begin from the entrance to the Yeruham Park  near the Yeruham Junction. The red trail passes through the forest area to the north of the lake before riding along the northern shores of the lake and heading back to the Junction. The blue trail heads from the junction through the southern part of the forest, near the lake’s southern shore, looping near the Yeruham Fortress, and heading back to the start.

Biking in the Negev
Biking in the Negev

The Sculpture Park Biking Trail at the Ramon Crater

‘The Sculpture Park’ is a short biking trail through beautiful sculptures created naturally by the work of nature in the midst of the Negev Desert, with beautiful views of the Makhtesh Ramon in the background. The trails 4km and designed as an easy family riding route starting and ending at the car park in the petrol station at the entrance to Mitzpe Ramon.

Sde Boker Terraces Cycling Trail

An easy 10km biking trail which passes through Nahal Haroah (the ‘Haroah dry stream’) featuring many remnants of the region’s ancient forms of agriculture. The trail begins at the Haroah Recreation Area (near the junction with Road 40), heads south near to Road 40, before heading north west, passing ancient farms and groves. It then heads north, until you reach the Nahal Haroah river-bed, which takes you back to the start.

‘The Tree’ Biking in the Halukhim Range

‘The Tree’ biking trailis a 13km intermediate biking trail which starts near Sde Boker at the Haroah Recreation Area. Starting by biking north-west along the Nahal Haroah river-bed, the trail loops around providing amazing views of the Halukim mountain range, and an ancient tree at Nahal Noked, passing the edge of Kibbutz Sde Boker and returning in a full circle.

Biking from Mitzpe Ramon to the Zin Valley

An easy/intermediate biking trail which runs 16km from the entrance to Mitzpe Ramon, north, into the Zin Valley (Nachal Zin) and then back to Mitzpe Ramon. The trail provides spectacular lookouts into the Ramon Crater and surrounding desert.

Other Negev Biking Trails

The trails mentioned provide just a few of the many biking trail options in the Negev. Read below for more information about biking these trails and for information about finding other trails.

Biking in the Negev

The regional councils in the Negev, notably the Ramat HaNegev Regional Council, along with passionate individuals have gone to a huge effort and investment to provide well marked, high quality biking trails across the region, for bikers of all levels. The maps are produced in English (and we will soon make them available here).

There are biking centers set up to aide with the planning and execution of trips (bike rental, advice, support, and even tours). For most people, following the maps and trails is enough, however, bear in mind that it is possible to rent bikes, or take a guide with you who will help you make the most of the trails, and explain more about the geography and history of the region.

There are also increasingly available options for biking vacations in the Negev including itineraries lasting from a few days to over a week, with, if required, full support and coordination.

Bike Rental, Trip Advice, or Tour Enquiries.

If you would like more information about bike rental in the Negev, general advice about planning a trip, or information about taking a tour guide or planning a vacation or group biking trip in the Negev, fill out the form below and we’ll get you in touch with a biking center in the desert.

Ramat Negev Biking Maps

Download biking trail maps for the Ramat HaNegev region – click on the maps below to enlarge.


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