How to Select an Israel Tour Guide

There are thousands of tour guides in Israel and many people visiting Israel decide to employ the services of one of these to enhance their trip either by joining a group tour or hiring a guide for a private tour, for one day, or a full program. The role of an Israel tour guide is very varied and can range from complete planning from your front door at home to your return, through to planning the whole trip within Israel, or just guided tours in Israel for a day or even half a day, and it is up to you as a customer to decide what level of service is within budget or required.

What does it mean to be an Israeli tour guide

Tour guides in Israel are licensed with the Israeli Ministry of Tourism and must pass through a rigorous course before they can qualify and be licensed. This ensures that only the highest quality applicants can actually guide groups around the country, whilst the level of commitment needed to successfully become an Israel Tour Guide, means that most guides are unbelievably passionate about their country and the sites that are available.

Tour guides are licensed for the languages they can guide in, which means that it’s simple to be sure that the guide can speak your language. All of our guides are additionally hand-picked and nurtured according to the feedback we receive from customers day in day out.

Tour guides on group tours

Tour guides on our group tours are experienced in bringing together groups and handling the needs of different participants with different interests and backgrounds, and tailoring the tour to meet the demands and expectations of each member. This is a skill in itself, and when it comes to planning our group tours in Israel we select tour guides who have the experience and skills to provide a seamless experience for all of our group participants. Read more about our Israel group tours and book via our website.

Tour guides on Private Tours

One popular option for tourists visiting Israel looking for a guide is to employ a guide to organize their complete stay in the country. This means that the guide arranges everything including transportation from the airport and around the country, usually in their private vehicle, accommodation, restaurants, and the attractions you will visit throughout your stay, including giving their clients tours of these sites and attractions.

Israel tour guides tend to specialize in different segments. Whilst most tour guides in Israel will cover the whole country, some are specialist tour guides in Jerusalem or tour guides in Tel Aviv. Others specialize in Jewish tours of Israel or Christian tours of Israel, Israel Bar Mitzvah tours, or youth tours, whilst others cater to specific market segments such as family tours of Israel, or adventure tours of Israel, or Israel food or wine tours. Guides specializing are not fixed within a specific niche, so for instance an adventure tour guide will be able to give a client a tour which has an active feel combined with historic or religious sites as desired.

Choosing a tour guide for Israel is an important decision and can hugely impact upon the experience you will receive. On one day tours our team selects the guide who most comfortably fits the requirement of the group, but for longer program, we invite our clients to speak with their guide ahead of time to ensure that there is a mutual comfort and shared understanding regarding the tour, to ensure the best experience on the ground as possible.

If you are planning a private tour in Israel, please fill out the form below and our team will get back to you within 24 hours with an answer to your initial request.

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