Running the Israel National Trail

The Israel National Trail covers over 1000km, from the far north to far south of Israel, through the varied scenery which makes this country so unique and special. Now, Richard Bowles, a leading Australian endurance runner will embark upon a mammoth challenge – to run the Israel National Trail in just 12 days, making for an average distance of 84km each day. He’ll start running on April 17, and finish on April 28.

Running from Eilat in the far south of Israel, Richard will cover all of the diverse terrain which makes the Israel National Trail one of the world’s most impressive hiking trails. Along the way, he’ll pass through some of Israel’s magical natural wonders including:

  • Timna Park – where some of the world’s oldest copper mines sit alongside a magnificent lake, right in the middle of the desert
  • The Ramon Crater – the largest makhtesh, a unique landform created by the power of water in the heart of the Negev Desert
  • The Scorpions Ascent, used since Nabatean times as a pass across some of the Negev’s most spectacular scenery
  • The vibrant city of Tel Aviv
  • The ancient Herodian port city of Caesarea
  • The city of Nazareth, home town to Jesus
  • The world’s lowest fresh water lake, the Sea of Galilee
  • The lush green landscape of the Galilee

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