Places in Jerusalem Open on Shabbat

There are very few places in Jerusalem open on Shabbat. As Jerusalem is a very religious city, from Friday evening to sundown Saturday, much of the city shuts down. For tourists, this can be very frustrating because options are limited and it is difficult to know where to go. We found some fabulous restaurants open on Shabbat, so this is a helpful list of 10 places in Jerusalem open on Shabbat:

Focaccia Bar

Focaccia Bar is known for its amazing, you guessed it, focaccia bread. The bread can be ordered with various different sides including cheese, pesto, olive spread, and eggplant. The full menu includes salads, sandwiches, pizza, and pasta. Focaccia is located on Rabbi Akiva street in the downtown area.


Adom Restaurant in Jerusalem

This restaurant and wine bar is a popular place in the First Station. The menu at Adom is a mixture of Italian, French, and Mediterranean and visitors can choose wines from all over the world. The outdoor seating area gives diners a glimpse at everything going on in the First Station complex. Read a review of this restaurant here.

Barrel Public House

If you are looking for more of a bar or pub, Barrel Public House is a popular choice. The place has a great beer selection, a friendly staff, and a menu with typical pub food. Located on Hillel Street near the Old City, this pub has a reputation for being lively all night long. For more about Jerusalem nightlife, click here.


A great spot for breakfast (on weekends), lunch or dinner, Menza is tucked in along art galleries and shops on Betsal’el Street.  It is a newer restaurant in Jerusalem, only opening in 2014. With a menu of contemporary foods, Menza also has a fully stocked bar for drinks.


Hasadna Restaurant is open on shabbat.

The Culinary Workshop is a contemporary bar and restaurant located near the First Station. Hasadna has a very laid-back atmosphere and the restaurant prides itself on giving visitors a full dining experience, using the freshest, highest quality raw materials to make each dish. The menu ranges from seafood to steak.


Mona is located inside the Jerusalem Artists’ House. It opened originally as a bar but transformed into a restaurant over the years. It has a menu with a mix of European and Mediterranean-style foods. Mona is on Shmuel HaNagid Street, very close to the restaurant, Link.

Talbiye Wine Bar

Talbiye Wine Bar serves food from a morning and an evening menu. It is a popular breakfast spot on the weekends and turns into a great place to grab a drink or eat at night. The French-style Talbiye Wine Bar is located under the Jerusalem Theater on Chopin Street.



Famous Zuni is a restaurant, cafe and bar open 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Your menu options will depend on what time you arrive as this restaurant serves everything from drinks to breakfast food to full meals. It sits on Yoel Moshe Salomon Street, overlooking a downtown pedestrian street below.


Located in a building more than 100 years old and with a patio surrounded by green plants, Link is an intimate restaurant with a simple, but solid menu. Inside, there is an antique theme leading all the way to the bar. The restaurant is downtown on Ha-Ma’alot Street and there is also an option to order food for takeaway.

Aroma Espresso Bar

Aroma Hillel Street

Sometimes, you just need coffee. Aroma was the first espresso bar in Israel when it first opened in 1994 and now has more than 125 cafes worldwide. Not all of the Aromas are open on Shabbat, but the first ever Aroma cafe, on Hillel Street, is. The food menu there includes salads, sandwiches, and pastries.

Other Open Places

There are also restaurants in East Jerusalem and the Old City that are open on Shabbat. Price ranges do vary, so check the restaurant menus in this list for pricing.

If you are looking for a place to buy groceries, there are a few 24-hour grocery stores in Jerusalem. One 24-hour store is located on the corner of Hillel Street and Angelo Levi Bianchini Street, right below Jerusalem Tower hotel.

Although Jerusalem is very quiet on Shabbat, Saturday evening around 9 pm, shops and eateries begin opening up again in preparation for the work week.

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