Jerusalem Wine Festival. September 9-19, 2019

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jerusalem wine festivalThe Jerusalem Wine Festival will return to Jerusalem in September 2019. The largest Israel wine festival, the Jerusalem Wine Festival features an amazing selection of the best Israeli wines, as well as food stalls, live performances, and more, drawing wine lovers and those who are just interested from Jerusalem and far beyond! The Jerusalem Wine Festival will take place every evening from September 9-19 between 7pm and 11pm at the Billy Rose Art Garden in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Wine Festival 2019

Set in the beautifully illuminated Billy Rose sculpture garden at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem over four cool Jerusalem nights, to the sound of soft jazz, the Jerusalem Wine Festival is an event not to be missed. Israel’s largest wine festival, the Jerusalem Wine Festival draws wine-loves and those who are just interested from Jerusalem, across Israel, and tourists from beyond! With Israel’s wine industry growing in size and reputation at an unprecedented rate, the festival offers a unique opportunity to savor the beautiful creations and learn more about some very special vineyards – from boutiques to larger commercial operations.

All guests attending the wine festival pay 95 NIS to enter and receive a free wine-glass which can be re-filled for free throughout the evening.

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Event Date: 20/08/2015