Gamla Nature Reserve

The Gamla Nature Reserve, set high in the Golan Heights of Northern Israel is a magical place where eagles nest, archaeological ruins lie, and the quaint and stunning setting, including the breathtaking view down towards the Sea of Galilee are inspirational! Whether you have half an hour in a hectic itinerary or can spare an entire day, the Gamla Nature Reserve is somewhere for lovers of nature, history, and hiking.

Vultures at Gamla

gamla nature reserve

The vultures of Galma are the main attraction of the nature reserve. Birders come from all over to observe and photograph these magnificent creatures. From the main entrance, a 600 yard Vulture Trail leads to a bird watching post which sits right on the cliff-face. Gamla Nature Reserve is home to about 80 vultures which are on average ten feet in length! Even far in the distance, the size of these birds makes them highly visible. Catch them soaring overhead, their shadows casting along the lush expanse below.

Mount Gamla

gamla and hermon ancient path

From the Vulture Trail you will also get a sight of the spectacular Mount Gamla. You can cross to it from the bird watching site – following signs to the “ancient path”, a hiking trail which takes about 90 minutes to cross. Though it is windy and steep at times, it serves as a site of historic importance with a similar tale to tell as Masada.

Gamla Waterfall

From the entrance of Gamla, a 90 minute trail (45 minutes each way) leads to the Gamla Waterfall, passing ancient dolmans – stone structures which are unusally table-shaped; archeologists are still unsure of why. Once you reach the waterfall, you’ll be struck with what is the tallest flowing waterfall in Israel – at 170 feet. Marvel at its powerful beauty, take memorable photos, and enjoy the glorious surrounding nature.

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Visiting Gamla Nature Reserve

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