Best Luxury Hotels in Jerusalem

Jerusalem has some of the best hotels in Israel, and in fact, the whole of the Middle East, with many of the luxury hotels in Jerusalem winning international awards recognizing their high quality service. As well as top service, many of the top hotels in Jerusalem like other luxury hotels in Israel have rich and impressive histories, and continue, to this day, to attract interesting and famous people from around the world. These are the five Jerusalem hotels which are widely considered to be the most prestigious and luxurious, each with their own unique character that continues to enable them to attract guests back time after time.

King David Hotel

Best Luxury Hotels in Jerusalem - King David

The King David Hotel has a rich history dating back to the 1930’s when it was built by a wealthy Jewish Egyptian banker overlooking Mount Zion and the Old City. Since then it has housed the British Mandate’s administrative and military headquarters during their rule over the land, as well as hosting hosted hundreds of foreign diplomats and celebrities. Today, the hotel is the flagship product of the Dan Hotels chain and one of the most prestigious hotels in Israel. Its grand building and entrance are somewhat akin to a country house or chateau, and it continues to attract guests from around the world.

The one for you: if you want a hotel where every nook and cranny tells a story.

Inbal Hotel

Best Luxury Hotels in Jerusalem - Inbal
The Inbal Hotel occupies a prominent position atop Liberty Bell Park, overlooking the walls of the Old City across the park and beyond, the Valley of Hinnom. Recognized by Conde Nast Traveler as the fourth best hotel in the Middle East in 2011, it was chosen for its food, design, and of course, location. The Inbal is consistently noted for its high quality service, and while it might not have the history or cutting edge design of many of the other hotels included in this list, it is somewhere that a high quality stay is almost certain.

The hotel for you if: your main concerns are food and service.

American Colony Hotel

Best Luxury Hotels in Jerusalem - The American Colony Hotel

Located in the east of Jerusalem, the American Colony was originally constructed by a wealthy Arab as a palace to house himself and his four wives. After his death, the ‘American Colony’ a Christian utopian society who had earlier settled in Jerusalem believing that their philanthropic work would hasten the Second Coming of Jesus, took control of the building, and in 1902 it began to host guests, later becoming a proper hotel. Owned to this day by the descendants of the same Christians who owned the site back in 1895, it is now something of an oasis centered around a pretty courtyard, with three guest wings. It is popular with international journalists, as well as NGO’s and other international organizations.

The hotel in Jerusalem for you if: you want to brush shoulders with interesting people from around the world.

David Citadel Hotel

Best Luxury Hotels in Jerusalem - David Citadel Hotel

One of two more modern hotels to make this list, the David Citadel Hotel is located on King David Street, near the King David and also Mamilla Hotels, built as part of the Mamilla project. A u-shaped building designed to take advantage of the view across to the Old City, the David Citadel, also made it onto the same Conde Nast list as the Inbal, coming in as the seventh best hotel in the Middle East in 2011. It might be for this reason that it has hosted numerous world-leaders in recent years including Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, and Condoleeza Rice.

The David Citadel Hotel is for you if: you want the same experience as the world-leaders regularly hosts – top service, top food, and the closest location to the Old City of any of those included in this list.

Mamilla Hotel

Best Luxury Hotels in Jerusalem 2021 - Mamilla Hotel

Somewhat different to the other hotels included in the list, the Mamilla Hotel is ultra-modern, contrasting seamlessly against the backdrop of the traditional Jerusalem materials. Named among the Sunday Times Travel Magazine’s ‘World’s 100 Best Hotels’ and Condé Nast Traveller’s ’ ‘Hot List 2010’, the hotel only opened very recently and has already gained a reputation as one of the most prestigious hotels in Jerusalem.

This is the Jerusalem hotel for you if: you are after something a little different and modern architecture is your thing.