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Best Hotels in Israel

  • Beresheet Hotel

    5 of the Best Hotels in the Negev

    Israel’s Negev Desert is dotted with great places to stay, but finding the best accommodation and hotels in the Negev can be a challenge for any visitor not familiar with this... explore more
  • best hostels israel rogers house

    5 of the Best Hostels in Israel

    Like every country, Israel has hostels. Unlike every country, some of the hostels in Israel are really quite special, whether it be their location, their philosophy, or simply the service they... explore more
  • Midbara6

    The Truth About Zimmers in Israel

    Zimmers in Israel are a fairly unique and therefore less known accommodation option. Spread across the country and found in almost every village, town, and city, they are, at their most... explore more
  • The iconic bonfire at Shkedi's Camplodge, just north of the Dead Sea

    The Most Unique Places to Stay in Israel

    Israel is a unique country so we thought we’d put together this list of the most unique places to stay in Israel. All offer high quality accommodation, but a totally different... explore more
  • DanTLV2

    Best Family Hotels in Tel Aviv

    With so many hotels to choose from, it is hard to know which are the best family hotels in Tel Aviv. With specific needs, however, it is important to select a... explore more
  • Beautiful surroundings of this zimmer in the Negev

    Zimmers in Israel

    A unique form of accommodation zimmers in Israel are, in general terms, beautiful rural accommodations somewhat like Bed & Breakfasts but generally smaller, more private, and often, more luxurious. Zimmers in... explore more
  • Varsano

    Best Suite Hotels in Tel Aviv

    Take a different approach when looking for a hotel in Tel Aviv and try a suite hotels. From small properties with just a handful of luxurious suites to suite hotels, there... explore more
  • Ein Gev Holiday Resort Hotels at the Sea of Galilee

    Best Hotels at the Sea of Galilee

    The selection of hotels at the Sea of Galilee ranges from quaint guesthouses and boutiques nestled in the hills overlooking the lake, to large resort hotels around the lake, both in... explore more
  • KibbRamatRac

    Best Kibbutz Hotels

    Kibbutz hotels are a unique Israeli form of hospitality, as are kibbutzim themselves. The kibbutz is a form of collective communal settlement which was a popular way of forming communities in... explore more
  • DanTA

    Best Luxury Beach Front Hotels in Tel Aviv

    Tel Aviv is home to some remarkable and well-renowned big-brand luxury hotels many of which are located on HaYarkon Street, meters away from the sandy beaches and lush blue Mediterranean, yet... explore more