The Truth About Zimmers in Israel

Zimmers in Israel are a fairly unique and therefore less known accommodation option. Spread across the country and found in almost every village, town, and city, they are, at their most simple, private bed and breakfasts, and are generally found in rural areas. They offer a great way to experience the country, meet local people, and stay in good value accommodation.

Are Zimmers Expensive?

Zimmers in Israel

Some people think of zimmers as a budget option, others as a luxury accommodation option – they are both, you will find that some zimmers in Israel are incredibly luxurious, whilst others are more basic. Most zimmers are owned by families and are located very close to their own home meaning that zimmers offer a welcome alternative to commercial hotels.

Where can I find Zimmers?

Although most people instantly associate them with the Galilee, zimmers can in actual fact be found across Israel, with many beautiful accommodations to be found in the Negev Desert in the south, in the center, and, of course, in the Galilee.

What to expect at a Zimmer

Zimmers in Israel

Because each zimmer is different, this varies hugely from place to place, but here are some generalizations:

  • Rural setting
  • Usually no more than five guest units, although some have up to ten
  • A self-contained cabin
  • Bed and breakfast
  • A family running the place

How to find a Zimmer

For many tourists, finding a zimmer can be a little difficult. There are over 1,500 zimmers in Israel yet only a relatively small proportion advertise heavily, and many don’t promote themselves to the international market, often just because they are busy with Israeli guests.

We have zimmers listed in our hotel section including zimmers in the Galilee and zimmers in the Negev. Or see all zimmers in Israel. listed on Tourist Israel.

If you are looking for a zimmer but aren’t sure where to start, just send us an email. If you own a zimmer and want to list it on the site, please contact us.

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