Alternative Things to do in Haifa: Masada Street

Haifa in the north of Israel, is the country’s third city. This article explores the cool things to do in Haifa, a city which they say works while Tel Aviv plays, and Jerusalem prays! Written by Adam Groffman a travel blogger who was in the city, this article explores the cool side to Haifa, a city some liken to San Francisco, including Masada Street, the city’s coolest spot.

Masada Street, Haifa by Adam Groffman
Masada Street, Haifa by Adam Groffman

So, my CouchSurfing host was kind enough to provide some good travel tips for Haifa. Haifa turned out to be a rather enjoyable city and it actually seemed pretty cool. A lot of cafes and trendy shops—on a much smaller scale than Tel Aviv, but cool nonetheless. Plus it’s on the side of a mountain (or a really big hill). That makes for walking around the city rather difficult, but the buses were easy to manage and, bonus!, the city has the world’s shortest subway system! (More on that next week. Or sometime. I think it’s disputed, anyways.)

Masada Street, Haifa by agroffman, on Flickr
Masada Street, Haifa by Adam Groffman

My CouchSurfing host recommended I check out Masada Street. Street art galore! Apparently there are random street parties with live music and hippies dancing in the street sometimes. I didn’t see it, but I’d believe it. A used bookshop, vintage clothing, upscale/independent trendy clothing, bars & cafes—all necessities for a hipster. And on a street that’s just 500 meters! (Disclosure: I made that number up.)

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