The Beaches of Israel

Israel is one of the world’s most visited destinations. The country’s culture is one of its main attractions, as is the undeniable religious significance. The beaches that stretch along the country’s coastline with their crystal clear and warm waters attract visitors almost year-round.

Ga’ash Beach, Israel

Israel has two seas – the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. While their names may be misleading, the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee are in fact lakes. Both have several beaches. Many of Israel’s beaches offer an array of water sports, snorkeling, and diving. There are also several wet and wild water parks along the coast with extreme slides and many pools.

dead sea beaches

Mineral Beach is one of the healthiest beaches. The beach is known for its mud, which has many minerals that are beneficial for the skin. Locals and visitors can climb into the mud pit and into the hot sulfur pools. This being the Dead Sea, many come to float in the salty waters. There is a small freshwater pool.

mediterranean coast

The Beit Yannai Beach is a recently restored area. The beach is located at the point where the Alexander River flows into the sea. Many visitors come to this beach in order to enjoy water sports, including kite surfing and windsurfing. Near the beach, there is a picnic area where visitors can enjoy lunch with a view.

Banana Beach is one of the many Tel Aviv beaches. This place is closer to Jaffa, the country’s ancient port city and now part of the municipality of the Tel Aviv. The beach is a hip area, and during the afternoons many local young people meet there. There are several places where surfboards and windsurf gear can be rented, and several surf shops offer surf lessons.

Located in Netanya, one of the cities with the longest coastline in the country, Sironit Beach can be accessed by using a glass beach elevator that connects the city with the Rishonim Promenade. This area has many bars, hotels with sea views, hostels, and restaurants.

The Aqueduct Beach is located near the ancient Roman ruins in the city of Caesarea. After a relaxing swim visitors can enjoy views towards the raised aqueduct.

Located in the north part of Tel Aviv, Metzitzim Beach is one of the city’s many beaches. Most of this beach is filled with families and young people, and the southern part is the religious area of the beach, where men and women are admitted separately.

Yamit Water Park, Holon

The Dor Habonim Beach is located near Haifa, the third largest city in the country. The beach is part of a nature reserve located on the coast. There are many natural lagoons and several caves that can be explored.

The Dado Zamir Beach is a traditional Mediterranean beach, with a broad promenade filled with bars, restaurants, and shops. There is a dance arena where visitors will be able to enjoy traditional fold dancing and where many cultural events are organized. There are many facilities for children, including small pools and playgrounds.

red sea Beaches

Dolphin Reef is one of Eliat’s beaches. There is an admission fee to this beach, where locals and visitors can watch the dolphins. Visitors will be able to swim with the dolphins. There are several observation decks at his ecological site.

The Coral Reef Beach is located in the city of Eilat. It is one of the country’s more popular spots for diving, and there are many coral reefs and exotic fishes. Visitors will be able to rent masks, flippers and snorkel gear. This beach is a place for families, and there are parts where the water is shallow.

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