5 Best Tel Aviv Neighborhoods to Visit

Tel Aviv might not be a huge city but there are many many diverse neighborhoods. Here is our guide to the five parts of town you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss when you visit Tel Aviv. From the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the White City of Tel Aviv to the gritty, bohemian Florentin district, and the uber-trendy Neve Tzedek. And from the ancient port of Jaffa to the modern Tel Aviv Port, there are some amazingly diverse parts of this city, all of which fall within a short distance of each other, and offer an experience which is uniquely different.

The White City

Tel Aviv’s White City is named for its large number of Bauhaus or International style buildings. Brought to the city by Jews from Germany and Austria, this unique style of architecture led to the construction of hundreds of beautiful light-buildings lining tree-lined streets and boulevards, a recreation of the cities of the countries from which they originated. Named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2003, the White City, and in particular the streets of Rothschild Boulevard, Sheinkin Street, and Bialik Street are places for you to take a quiet stroll whilst in the city, and maybe step into one of the many cafes and restaurants that can be found across this area of Tel Aviv. Many visitors explore the area with a guided Tel Aviv architecture tour.

The White CityNeve Tzedek

Neve Tzedek literally translates as Oasis of Justice, a beautifully restored neighborhood in south Tel Aviv featuring narrow lanes lined with pretty little buildings. Visiting Neve Tzedek, you’ll suddenly feel that the hustle and bustle of the city slows down, and as you walk down Shabazi Street, the main street in the area, with its great cafes and restaurants, and numerous galleries and boutiques, you could be forgiven for thinking you are in a quaint town in the south of France. You are not, however! The beach is just a few minutes west, the White City to the north, Florentin to the east, and ancient Jaffa, to the south.




The ancient port of Jaffa is one of the oldest in the world and the walled city of Jaffa is what modern Tel Aviv grew out of. Massively restored, the walled city features many galleries and its pretty alleyways and lanes are fascinating to walk through. The port of Jaffa has also been restored, whilst the Jaffa Flea Market is a hub of activity with vendors selling fascinating artifacts from across the world. When you tour Jaffa, you’ll realize just how diverse Tel Aviv is, in historical, cultural, and social terms.

Tel Aviv Port

Tel Aviv Port is located in the north of the city. The original port of modern Tel Aviv, it is now not used for commercial shipping and has been converted into a massive compound of leisure. Its unique wooden boardwalk is lined with cafes, bars, restaurants, clothing stores, and ice cream parlors, all of which are set within the converted hangers that date back from the time this was a commercial port. There are also amazing nightclubs at Tel Aviv Port and other hangers are used for concerts and other events. Many people take a bike tour of Tel Aviv starting from the port and working down along the coast, or across into the Yarkon Park, Tel Aviv’s green lung.

Tel Aviv Port


Perhaps the most ‘off-beat’ destination featured in this list, Florentin is fast-becoming one of the most fashionable areas of Tel Aviv. Visiting Florentin, you will see how this area which is likened by many to SoHo in New York, is undergoing change – with old industrial buildings creating loft apartments, and traditional wholesale stores being replaced by young designers and clothing boutiques. Florentin is one of the most dynamic and fun parts of Tel Aviv, and it is renowned internationally for its massive part in the Tel Aviv nightlife scene.

Tel Aviv Beach

Whilst not a neighborhood of Tel Aviv, we felt we couldn’t ignore the Tel Aviv Beaches from this list. Stretching the length of the city, you will never visit Tel Aviv and not at least see the beautiful golden sands and glistening blue Mediterranean Sea, and no matter what the time of year, Tel Aviv’s Beaches are a hive of activity, whether it be with swimmers. sunbathers, or surfers.

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