About Israel

About Israel

A tiny country on the Eastern shores of the Mediterranean awaits you. With a stunningly diverse landscape, vibrant modern cities, as well as loads of cool stuff to do, see, and experience, this country is Israel.

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History of Israel

Israel declared its independence from the British Mandate in 1948. The World’s only country with a Jewish majority, Israel was established as a homeland for the Jews in what was the ancient Jewish homeland following discrimination and persecution for centuries, displayed just years before, through the Holocaust.

Israel developed fast, gaining a reputation as a liberal and progressive society in a region of tradition. Israel was established as, and remains to this day, the only democracy in the Middle East, granting equal rights for all its citizens. Whilst Israel is about 75% Jewish, its population is also made up 19% of Arabs, and 5% of other minority groups including Druze.

A country which could perhaps best be described as what happens when the east meets the west, Israel is a modern society, packed full with culture of all varieties. Despite a number of wars, Israel developed fast, and is now has one of the leading economies in the world, with a huge focus on hi-tech industry.

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Visiting Israel

Today, Israel has a population of about 7 million. Many have come over the past 60 years from around the world at their own will, others had nowhere else to go. All have been integrated, and Israel’s citizens now include people of origins from places such as Ethiopia, and Yemen, to Argentina, and India. All integrate into Israeli society, enhancing it.

Israel is unknown and misunderstood by many in the world, but trust us, it is something very special. Let us show you the cool side of Israel, away from the religion and tradition which most people instantly associate with this country… And we hope you’ll like it enough to come here and see it for yourself!