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Visit Israel

A visit to Israel is a totally unique experience. No other country has so much diversity in such a small area – Israel really does have it all.  Whilst it only takes six hours to drive from north to south, and, in places, 20 minutes from east to west, Israel is a fantastic travel destination with great diversity developing an international reputation as a cool tourist destination.

From visiting the holy city of Jerusalem, holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims, to visiting the cool, progressive, modern, and lively Mediterranean city of Tel Aviv, less than an hour away, Israel is a land of contrast like no other. There are more museums in Israel per person, than anywhere else in the world, and archaeological sites which date back millenia, but this is only the beginning…

From swimming in the Mediterranean and diving in the Red Sea in Eilat, to skiing in the Golan Heights and floating in the magical waters of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, Israel is saturated by active persuits to suit all tastes. Israel is criss-crossed by bike trailshiking routes, and even boasts the world’s first underwater museum in Caesarea where you dive through ancient ruins. How amazing! And take one of the many hundreds of different Israel tours which run to all tastes and all interests and guide you through this incredible land.

And from the relatively barren Negev desert in the south, to the fertile, rolling Tuscan-style hills of the Galilee in the north, this country is full of fascinating and cool places we want everyone to see!

In Israel, archaeological sites from across millennia mingle with skyscrapers and internationally recognized restaurants, cafes and bars, whilst trendy boutique hotels in Israel, top-class spas and a lively nightlife, sit alongside tradition and history.