Ticho House

Ticho House is one of the first houses built in Jerusalem in the second half of the 19th century which was purchased by the ophthalmologist, Dr. Avraham Albert Ticho and his wife, Anna. Ticho House has recently reopened after a year of conservation work and renovations. Today, the house serves as a museum dedicated to the works of Anna, whose sketches are iconic, and also contains other exhibitions.

History of Ticho House

Ticho House

Avraham and Anna were cousins, born in Moravia (he in 1883 and she in 1894). He studied to be a doctor and she took drawing lessons in Vienna. When an organization sent Dr. Ticho to Jerusalem to open an eye clinic in 1912, Anna followed him and they married.

During World War I, while in Damascus, Anna began drawing. After moving into their home in 1924, the downstairs was converted into an eye clinic for the population of Jerusalem, where Anna served as the doctor’s assistant. It remained so until Dr. Ticho died in 1960.

Anna had begun to draw landscapes in Jerusalem – in pencil, pen and ink, charcoal and pastel – which she continued until her death in 1980. Anna bequeathed the house, its collection of Dr. Ticho’s Chanukah lamps, her art works and and its reference library of books about Jerusalem, art and literature to the people of Jerusalem.

As part of the recent renovations, the ground floor rooms of the Ticho House, which had previously been a restaurant, are now converted into galleries. The upper floor will soon include a new restaurant and visitors can see the beautiful ceiling decorations, which were part of the restoration project.

Ticho House is part of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem and is one of the most beautiful museums in Jerusalem.

Visiting Ticho House

Opening Hours

Sunday – Thursday: 5 pm to 10 pm
Friday – Saturday: closed 

Address: HaRav Agan 10, Jerusalem; Phone: 02-6708960

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