Three Unique Places to Visit in Safed (Tsfat)

The city of Safed in Israel’s Upper Galilee hosts increasing numbers of visitors each year who come to enjoy the city’s historical sites and growing art community. There are a number of exciting new and unique places to visit in Safed which offer visitors opportunities to experience the diversity which this beautiful city has to offer. Here are three of the highlights Safed has to offer.

Judy’s Ceramic Studio

For those who are interested in hands-on experience and connecting with a local artist, Judy’s Ceramic Studio located in Safed, is the perfect place to make personalized pieces. From handmade ceramics that are already made to crafting a piece from scratch, Judy offers a variety of experiences, including Judaica pieces. Conveniently located near the city center, this is a lovely activity for any age.
Available by appointment only, 050-781-5161 to reserve a pottery workshop with Judy while visiting Safed.
28 HaHalutz, Safed

Three Unique Places to Visit in Safed

Fused Glass Workshop

Learn the skill of working class, and create one of a kind pieces of art using fused glass. From jewelry to mezzuzot , dishes and handmade gifts, this workshop is a unique place to visit in Safed, and a great way to get a memorable souvenir. Prices start at 50 shekels and range depending on size and complexity. Pieces require at least 8 hours to be completed and can be picked up later or shipped. Contact Kathleen Wasserman at or 058-480-8501 for more information.

Safed Candles

Most visitors to Safed are eager to visit the Safed Candle Ship located in the Old City of Safed. The shop is known for their displays and a wide selection of candles which are used for Jewish ritual and spiritual purposes, along with wax sculptures of Biblical characters and other Judaica themes. Located just next to the Ari Ashkenazi synagogue, a visit to the Safed Candle shop is certainly one of the unique places to visit in Safed.

Also in Safed

Safed is a fascinating place to visit. Read more about the city of Safed, or alternatively, see our pages about the Safed Artists Quarter, and Safed Citadel.

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