Saar Falls

The Saar Falls in the Golan Heights are both amazingly picturesque and easily accessible. Found just off Road 99, some four kilometers from the Nimrod Fortress, the waterfalls are best visited in the winter or spring when the water and snow from Mount Hermon are still making their descent to the Sea of Galilee. In the summer and autumn, the falls are reduced to a mere puddle so be sure to time your trip right!

Saar Falls. Photo: Or Hiltch
Saar Falls. Photo: Or Hiltch

Fed by the rain and snow runoff of the mountains in the Upper Golan, the Sa’ar River passes through the Sa’ar Valley, the cold water plummeting down the rocky waterfalls of Sa’ar Falls. A series of three waterfalls, the middle one being the tallest and most impressive, can be seen together from the observation path just minutes away from parking. Additionally, a wooden bridge spans the gap of rushing water between the first and second fall. For those looking for a secluded area to picnic, be sure to go either on the banks before the falls or on the grassy cliff edge after the falls, which looks out over the falls. Both are scenic and somewhat secluded.

Visiting Saar Falls

On either sides of the falls, where parking is, vendors selling ice cream, popsicles, hot Druze pitas and local produce peddle their goods to the hungry visitors. Seeing the falls is free year-round but the food will not be, be sure to bring small currency.

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