Romantic Honeymoon Escapes in Israel

This tiny country may not be the usual front runner for a romantic getaway, but there are numerous romantic honeymoon escapes in Israel with a lot to offer. Luxury hotels surrounded by lush forests? Check. Secluded beaches with stunning views of the Mediterranean? Check. Bustling cities with hip bars? Check. Whether you’re looking to escape it all in nature, explore centuries of history, or eat your way across the country, Israel can make your dreams come true. Check out the ideas below to get your honeymoon planning jump-started.

The Foodies

Romantic Honeymoon Escapes in Israel

Despite being surrounded by unforgiving terrain, Israel has a lot of high quality produce to complement the ubiquitous fresh seafood and locally sourced meat. Combine that with an eclectic mix of cuisines, and you’ve got yourself a  spectacular food scene. From street food to haute cuisine, there are always tempting options, and with this Levinsky Market tour and cooking class, you can learn how to take some of these flavors home with you. Some of our favorite restaurants include Taizu in Tel Aviv, Machneyuda in Jerusalem, and the Tishbi Complex in Zichron Yaakov. Let them know you’re newlyweds and experience Israeli hospitality firsthand. 

The Luxury Lovers

Romantic Honeymoon Escapes in Israel

Whether you want a view of Mitzpe Ramon or you prefer to be nestled in the heart of  Jerusalem, there are a number of luxury spa resorts to fill your needs. The Beresheet Hotel offers a fantastic spa experience with views of the Ramon crater, while the David Citadel in central Jerusalem perennially exceeds expectations, and you can check our favorite boutique hotels in Jerusalem for other ideas. A few more of our favorites are Bayit Bagalil in Rosh Pina, the Queen of Sheba in Eilat, and The Norman in Tel Aviv. Each hotel boasts an impressive array of spa treatments, perfect for massages and in-room treatments to melt away the stress of wedding planning. 

the outdoorsy ones

Romantic Honeymoon Escapes in Israel

If you want to get away from the city, why not try rafting down the Jordan River or hiking from Jerusalem to Jericho? Israel is full of incredible hikes, camping sites, and outdoor activities to satisfy everyone from the casual day-tripper to hardcore trekker. You can sandboard in the Negev, discover amazing trails in the Galilee and Golan region , or escape to the Hurshat Tal National Park next to the Hula Valley. Enjoy the first throes of wedded bliss with nothing but your partner and endless skies. 

the history buffs

Romantic Honeymoon Escapes in Israel

Israel is a melting pot for a number of cultures, and has been for centuries. From religious sites to historical fortresses, there is no corner of this country without something worthwhile. Whether you’re looking to walk the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem, take in the stunning views of Masada, or take a walk through mystical Tzfat, modern and ancient history abound. Discover the past together while creating your future memories. 

the hustlers

Prefer to spend your time dancing the night away? Look no further than Tel Aviv. With a huge number of international residents, new clubs opening every week, and a vibrant nightlife year-round, there’s always something to see in the White City. Shpagat is an established gay bar offering delicious snacks. Kuli Alma offers rotating art exhibitions and a great dance floor. Teder.FM is housed in a complex that offers music from its signature radio station as well as art galleries and the famous Beit Romano restaurant upstairs. Dance with somebody who loves you across the city streets. 

the art critics

Large amounts of immigrants, abundant natural beauty, and a creative spirit necessary to thrive in such an unforgiving climate come together to offer a unique artistic perspective. For museums, we recommend Ralli Museums Caesarea, The Israel Museum in Jerusalem, and the Design Museum in Holon. If you’d rather get your fill of art in the open air, the galleries in Tzfat, the street art in Florentin, Tel Aviv, and the “Mona Lisa of the Galilee” in Tzipori National Park near Nazareth. Maybe you’ll find a wedding present to yourselves. Commemorate your honeymoon in magical Israel! 

the pragmatic planners

If reading all of those descriptions above exhausted you, why not sit back and let us take the reins? Try booking a private tour. Let us know what you hate, what you love, and what you want to see more of. We’ll happily plan whatever romantic honeymoon escapes in Israel that you’re looking for!

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