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Eating & Drinking

  • The beautiful building housing the Pavo Brewery

    Pavo Brewery, Zichron Yaakov

    The Pavo Brewery in Zichron Yaakov is one of Israel’s leading micro-breweries. Founded in 2010, Pavo was one of a number of new micro-breweries to open in Israel in what has... explore more
  • Abu Gosh

    The town of Abu Gosh, just outside Jerusalem in the Jerusalem Hills is the unrivaled hummus capital of Israel, and some would say, the world. An Arab-Israeli village, Abu Gosh is famed across... explore more
  • A busy branch of Giraffe

    Giraffe Asian Restaurants

    Award winning Israeli restaurant, Giraffe launched in 1996 in Tel Aviv as the first Pan-Asian restaurant in the country. Today it is considered to be a leading restaurant organisation in Israel,... explore more
  • Wine2 (Eagle XDV)

    Israel's Vineyards - From Strength to Strength

    Noah may have started off on the wrong foot when he planted his vineyard in Israel, but at least his descendants are getting it right. Around the world, Israeli wines are... explore more
  • Tel Aviv is the gastronomic capital of Israel. Image via Washington Post

    Food tourism in Israel

    A far cry from the days when Israeli’s lived by falafal and hummus, growing only the synonymous Jaffa Orange, Israel has, over the past decade, grown into one of the world’s... explore more
  • Druze Hospitality

    The Druze are a minority group who live peacefully in Israel and are renowned for their hospitality. Their villages in the Carmel and Golan regions, offer not only an insight into... explore more
  • Israel's Wine and Wineries

    Israel's Wine and Wineries

    Israel’s wine and wineries have developed hugely over the past decade into a world-class network of wineries stretching across the country. The country has recently become a major center on the world... explore more
  • IsraelBreakfast (Or Hiltch)

    Food & Restaurants in Israel

    Israel has recently seen something of a gastronomical revolution with top quality restaurants all over serving all styles of cuisine. Over the past ten years or so, Israel has experienced something of... explore more
  • Restaurants & Cafe's in Tel Aviv

    Tel Aviv is packed with awesome places to eat, from coffee bars to upscale restaurants with international recognition. We’ve searched and eaten long and hard to bring you a selection of some... explore more