Perseids Meteor Shower in the Negev. August 12, 2018.

Viewing the night sky and Perseids Meteor Shower in the Negev. Image: Yaakov Lederman

The Perseids Meteor Shower is one of the worlds most impressive astronomical events and every year many people head into Israel’s Negev Desert for a clear view of this unique sight in area free of light pollution. Occurring each August, the Perseids Shower occurs when the earth crosses the path of the Swift–Tuttle comet, and ice and dust traveling at around 130,000 miles per hour and burns up as it enters Earth’s atmosphere leaving impressive trails and sights in the night sky. In 2018 the Perseids Meteor Shower will occur on the night after August 11 (with the densest time being the early hours of August 12), and many events take place throughout the Negev on this evening.

Of course, the night sky can be viewed without a group, and everywhere in the Negev offers a unique experience when it comes to viewing the night sky – find a spot and take in this unique and breathtaking lunar event.

  • In Mitzpe Ramon, special events will take place in the Spice Route Quarter of the city with telescopes and guided explanations with the lights of the city being turned off to provide the best viewing experience
  • In Timna Park, a giant mobile planetarium, as well as guided sky tours, and more activities will take place.

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Event Date: 12/08/2018