Milk & Honey, Whiskey Distillery

Whether you are a whiskey connoisseur or just looking for an interesting experience in Tel Aviv, Milk & Honey, Israel’s first whiskey distillery, offers insights into the distillery and single malt whiskey making process.

Found in South Tel Aviv towards neighboring Jaffa, Milk & Honey Distillery is the only distillery of its kind in the country and beyond making high-quality spirits, their ultimate goal is the creation of a top and local single malt whiskey. The Distillery also opens its doors daily to visitors who are eager to learn about the whiskey-making process. As they say, from “grain to glass” visitors can enjoy a guided experience of the various stages of the process as well as sampling and tasting of the various products.

The goal and intention behind the spirits and whiskey at Milk & Honey is to use the highest quality local ingredients and barrels to create a premium product. As experts in the field, the creators behind Milk & Honey are whiskey-loving entrepreneurs who are striving to create Israel’s best single malt whiskey without taking any shortcuts or compromises.

At Milk & Honey there is a special custom-built whiskey pot and a vintage still that adheres to the traditional style of Scottish coppersmith. The entire milling, mashing, and fermenting process are done on the premises and their barrel selection process is curated using ex-bourbon casks as well as new oak and ex-wine barrels.

Opening hours of Milk & Honey Whiskey Distillery

Tuesdays 11-16:00
Thursday 11-18:00
Friday 12:00

16 HaThiya Street, Tel Aviv

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