Megiddo, an impressive site in the Lower Galilee region of northern Israel was once an ancient city was critical that dominated the Aruna Pass (Wadi Ara or Megiddo Pass) the entrance to one of the few passes through the Carmel Mountains. This gave those who occupied Megiddo incredible power over the Via Maris, the main route between Egypt and Mesopotamia and what the Egyptians called the Way of the Sea. Today, Megiddo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and an impressive site to visit and explore. Megiddo features on many Israel Holy Land tours due to its rich Biblical importance.


The city has seen more battles than any other location in the world. Fortress cities sit upon the 10 acre summit of Megiddo Hill or Tel Megiddo, rising 21.33 meters above the valley. From this vantage point, battle after battle throughout history took place.

For Christians the word Megiddo is synonymous with the end of the world as mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Megiddo, or Armageddon, will be the site of the Final Battle. This will be the final battle of many fought here.

Excavation has uncovered about 26 layers of settlements dating back to the Chalcolithic period. The first four layers have been identified. The hill top was a Canaanite city, an Egyptian fortress, a Chariot City during Biblical times, and a prominent Assyrian and Persian city. King Solomon ruled the city in its prime in the 10th century BC. Visitors can see the remains of Solomon’s Gate and his stables. The Ivory Palace is another major structure in Megiddo. It was here they located Canaanite treasure, including valuable ivory and jewelry.

In the Middle Bronze Age the Canaanites fortified the hill top and a gate remains. From the 3rd millennium BC you can see an altar 10 meters in diameter with a staircase leading up towards it. An Iron Age water system is also evident. There is a 30 meter deep shaft and 70 meter long tunnel from the 9th Century BC when the city was ruled by Ahab. It is possible to walk through this tunnel. It would have supplied residents with water from the nearby spring.

Visiting Megiddo

You can spend about an hour or two seeing the sites at Megiddo and the site is open year round. When visiting, you can go to the museum which uses models to recreate the original structures that stood here. They also show an informative film. This is one of the most impressive sites in the Lower Galilee.

The site of Megiddo is included in many Israel tour packages, and whilst many regular one day tours of the Galilee region skip this site, private tours can be a great way to experience it.

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