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Jerusalem Neighborhoods

  • Musrara Ariel Palmon

    Musrara, Jerusalem

    Musrara is a unique neighborhood in Jerusalem, a fascinating microcosm of the city’s history and its various population groups. Walking through the streets, you’ll notice that every house is built differently,... explore more
  • EinKerem (Jamie Lynn Ross)

    Ein Kerem

    Ein Kerem is a beautiful tranquil village and neighborhood in the west of Jerusalem. Surrounded by beautiful natural groves and the breathtaking landscape provided by the Jerusalem Hills, Ein Kerem is... explore more
  • Nachlaot, Jerusalem

    Nachlaot is one of Jerusalem’s most interesting areas. A cluster of neighborhoods in the center of the city, Nachlaot is characterized by its narrow, windy lanes, quaint, stone houses, and pretty, hidden-away courtyards,... explore more
  • WesternWall (courtesy)

    Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem

    The Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City is one of the four quarters of the walled city. The quarter is home to around 2,000 people and covers about 0.1 square kilometers. It is... explore more
  • YeminMoshe1

    Yemin Moshe, Jerusalem

    Yemin Moshe is a beautiful neighborhood of Jerusalem constructed of quaint stone buildings and built in the 1890’s by Moses Montefiore in response to overcrowding within the walls of the Old... explore more
  • Welcome to Jerusalem by Or Hiltch, on Flickr

    Old City of Jerusalem

    The Old City of Jerusalem is one of the most intense places on Earth! At the heart of the Jewish, Islamic, and Christian religions, this walled one-kilometer area in the center of Jerusalem... explore more
  • Machane Yehuda Market

      The Machane Yehuda Market, or shuk, is the largest market in Jerusalem with over 250 vendors selling everything from fruit and vegetables to specialty foods, and clothing to Judaica. The market is the... explore more
  • Emek Refaim Street and Jerusalem's German Colony

    Emek Refaim Street is the heart of Jerusalem’s German Colony the city’s most fashionable neighborhood, just a few minutes from the heart of downtown modern and ancient Jerusalem. The street represents a... explore more
  • The Undiscovered Jerusalem

    The Jerusalem Post gives us an insight into some of the many hidden or more unusual sites and tours in the City of Gold. The article below makes for interesting reading: Because... explore more
  • Modern Jerusalem

    West Jerusalem, the area to the west of the Old City, where the new city has been built recently, is home to a number of interesting places including Yad Vashem, Israel’s... explore more