Ein Karem

Ein Karem is a beautiful tranquil village and neighborhood in the west of Jerusalem. Surrounded by beautiful natural groves and the breathtaking landscape provided by the Jerusalem Hills, Ein Karem is worlds away from the bustling center of Jerusalem – despite being just a few minutes ride from the city center. The stunning Jerusalem stone houses and cobbled narrow alleys make for a truly picturesque visit. You’ll enjoy your time in this village-like neighborhood, whose attractions sit in the shadow of pretty churches with bells sounding down the streets. An important site for Christians as the birthplace of John the Baptist, Ein Karem is incredibly popular with Israelis seeking to escape the city.

Exploring Ein Karem

israel ein karem monastery

Many tourists choose to take a guided walking tour around Ein Karem, although it is just as possible to do it yourself. The center of the village and location where all the walking tours begin is at the well. The breathtaking beauty, the elegant simplicity and the charm of this place are especially touching. There is grace in every fence, wall and path, and you can wander through the alleyways for hours, enjoying every moment. Modern developments have not yet reached this scenic neighborhood. It remains a pastoral village, cut off from the bustle of the city. The neighborhood is also home to many Jerusalem artists and boutique eateries.

If you’re in Israel at Christmas time, you can join this special Christmas day tour of Ein Karem, Qasr al-Yehud (Jesus’ Baptism site), and the Dead Sea. Throughout the rest of the year, visit Ein Karem with a local tour guide by building your own private tour of Jerusalem’s hidden gems.

Pilgrimage site

ein karem israel

Ein Karem is a pilgrimage site for many Christian visitors. This village is believed to be the place where Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, miraculously became pregnant and gave birth. The bible teaches that during her pregnancy, Elizabeth was visited by a family relative – Mary, who was also pregnant, with Jesus and for this reason the village well is now called Mary’s Well. The village around the well grew and its waters are considered holy. Many pilgrims come to drink from the well and take the holy water away with them in bottles. Today Ein Karem has a number of active churches and monasteries.

Visiting Ein Karem

Ein Karem is an important gem in Israel’s tourism crown, and will capture the heart of any visitor. There are many fine restaurants for connoisseurs and quaint guest rooms offering relaxing hospitality in authentic surroundings. Artists inspired by Ein Kerem’s beauty have settled here to paint and display their works to the public. Ein Kerem is truly a place worth visiting, with many charming treasures to enjoy.

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