Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Fair. August 7-19, 2023.

The Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Fair, (Hutzot Hayotzer Festival), will take place from August 7-19, 2023. The fair brings top singers and artists from across the globe together to showcase their work in performances and exhibits, as well as popular children’s shows. Painters, sculptors, and jewelers, will represent continents from around the world, including Central and South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

The Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Fair is designed for people of all ages, especially families, and takes place in the Sultan’s Pool and Mitchell Gardens which lie just across from the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, opposite the Tower of David. The fair begins every evening at 6 pm, with a 9 pm performance on the main stage by a top Israeli singer.

Here is the lineup of performers for this year’s festival:

  • August 7 – Shlomi Shabbat and Moshe Peretz
  • August 8 – Rita hosts Shiri Maimon
  • August 9 – Agam Buchbut and Static
  • August 10 – Hatikva and Yaldei Hachutz
  • August 12 – Nasrin and Sarit Hadan
  • August 13 – Odeya and Avi Aburomi
  • August 14 – Eden Ben Zaken and Osher Cohen
  • August 15 – Shalom Hanoch and Berry Sakharof
  • August 16 – Ehud Banai and Aviv Geffen
  • August 17 – Subliminal and The Shadow
  • August 19 – Idan Amedi hosts Yasmin Mualem

Tickets are on sale now!

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Event Booking Details

Event Date: 07/08/2023

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