Open House Jerusalem. October 19-21 & 26-28, 2023.

Houses from Within, Batim, Jerusalem

Houses From Within, Jerusalem is an annual event taking place each Autumn in which, for one weekend, over 100 buildings across Jerusalem open their doors to the public. The participating buildings range from public institutions such as government buildings, cultural venues, and museums, to private homes and offices from every architectural period and style conceivable. At some venues, guided tours take place, whilst in others the doors are literally opened for the public to explore. In 2023, Open House Jerusalem (known in Hebrew as Batim Mibifnim) will be from October 19-21 and continue from October 26-28.

The weekend event features dozens of architectural tours, some from a historical point of view, and others from a technological or social and activist aspect allowing participants to explore the city in a deep and unique way while celebrating its urban life.

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Event Booking Details

Event Date: 19/10/2023

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