Horse Riding in Israel

Horse Riding in Israel provides a unique perspective over a unique land. From the saddle of a horse, whether it is along a trail in Mount Hermon’s alpine summer meadows, overlooking the Sea of Galilee in the region’s stunning terrain, at sunset, riding along the beach or cliffs of Israel’s dramatic and beautiful Mediterranean coastline, or the ridge of the amazing Ramon Crater in the Negev Desert, Israel’s “Grand Canyon,” a horseback rider gets an amazing experience in incredible surroundings.

Commercial stables can be found up and down the country, with horseback riding being a popular past-time for many Israelis. As such, the range of rides extends well beyond the examples above and there are tens of stables in all different areas of the country. Because of the sandy terrain, in particular in the south of the country, horseback riding in Israel is somewhat akin to a Western film, with this style of saddle and riding predominant in Israel. This enables the rider to ride for hours with less fatigue, and also means that horseback adventures in Israel are possible – whether they be through Biblical ruins, along the coast at sunset, or through fruit plantations, stopping along the way for a barbecue.

Beyond the commercial stables which offer tours in the menage, horseback is a unique way to explore Israel. A weekly horseback riding tour through the Galilee is suitable for all levels of rider, whilst custom and private tours are also available. Check here for more details of horse riding tours in Israel.

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