Hadasaar and Negev Desert Products

Hadasaar, in the town of Mitzpe Ramon in the Negev Desert is a unique place. A deli-cafe with a second goal, to market the products created by farmers and individuals across the Negev Desert. Unlike ‘Dead Sea Products’ which are heavily commercialized, the products from the Negev Desert are largely not. Produced in small quantities, largely out of passion rather than commercial intent, everything from high quality olive oils and wines to jewelry and artwork, can be found in the Negev, and Hadasaar brings together in a fitting way.

Hadasaar is located in the Mitzpe Ramon Spice Route Quarter, surrounded by many small touristic and creative businesses. The hangar-like space is uniquely furnished and provides a perfect welcome to Mitzpe Ramon and the Negev. The cafe has a light food menu based around the fresh and surprising produce which is grown and produced in the desert area around Mitzpe Ramon.

As well as the local food produce, there are many other creative and high quality products which come out of the Negev being showcased at Hadasaar – from fashion to jewelry, high quality wines and oils, beauty products, and more. The Negev is a region full of surprises, and Hadasaar is one of the gems that show us these surprises.

Hadasaar. 6 Har Boker Street, Mitzpe Ramon Spice Route Quarter. 08-940-8473

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