Gan Hashlosha (Sachne)

Gan Hashlosha, otherwise known as the Sachne, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Israel. Located in the Lower Galilee, some believe that Gan Hashlosha is the real-world location of the garden of Eden, and, once you visit, you might understand why. The main highlight of Gan Hashlosha are its beautiful pools shaded by lush palm trees and surrounded by green lawns, which are constantly 28 degrees Celsius year-round. The park also has an archaeology museum and tower and stockade and is popular with visitors who come to spend a day swimming and relaxing or to explore the history and admire the beauty it has to offer.

History of Gan Hashlosha

The beauty of Gan Hashlosha
The beauty of Gan Hashlosha

The pools at Gan Hashlosha are fed by a natural spring which rises within the park feeding water at a constant 28 degrees Celcius year-round. The spring flows into natural pools which have been somewhat widened by man to create a popular swimming destination year-round. The pools flow through the park via the Amal Stream, across waterfalls and natural Jacuzzi. The pools themselves draw swarms of people who come for a day of relaxation amid the beautiful lush greenery. It is this amazing scenery which led to Time Magazine naming Gan Hashlosha as one of the most beautiful parks in the world!

As well as the beauty, Gan Hashlosha is home to a Mediterranean archaeological museum which features a display of rare Greek tools found in the nearby Bet Shean Valley, as well as artifacts from Egypt and Persia, and an exhibit about the Etruscans.

The view from the tower at Tel Amal
The view from the tower at Tel Amal

Gan Hashlosha is also the location of Tel Amal, one of the tower and stockade settlements which Jewish pioneers established in the 1930’s. Tel Amal was constructed in one night, on December 10, 1936, and has been restored so visitors can now climb the tower and explore the rooms in which the pioneers lived.

Visiting Gan Hashlosha

Gan Hashlosha is a ten-minute drive from Mount Gilboa and combining a day exploring the two is a logical and popular thing to do.

Opening times

April-September: 8am – 5pm
October-March: 8am – 4pm
On Fridays and holiday eves the site closes one hour earlier. Last entry one hour before the closing time.

Ticket prices

Adult: NIS 38

Child: NIS 23
Groups (over 30 people): Adult: NIS 34; child: NIS 21
Israeli senior citizen 50% discount

Contact information

Phone: 04-658-6219
Museum: 04-658-6352
Tower and Stockade site: 04-658-1017

Getting to Gan Hashlosha

Gan Hashlosha is located in the Lower Galilee, near Mount Gilboa, just off road 669 between the Hashita junction and Beit She’an.

Kavim bus line 412 from Bet She’an to Afula reaches the site.

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