Ein Avdat & Zin Valley

Ein Avdat is undoubtedly one of Israel’s most striking and beautiful sites. Set within the incredible landscape of the Zin Valley in the center of Israel’s Negev Desert, Ein Avdat National Park offers spectacular panoramas and enchanted hikes through the incredible desert scenery. The spectacular canyon is the result of power of the waters at Ein Avdat (the Avdat spring). It forms part of the longest wadi in the Negev, the Zin Valley, which stretches over 60km and attracts visitors from across the country.

Ein Avdat - the spring in the desert. Credit: Tal Gluck
Ein Avdat – the spring in the desert. Credit: Tal Gluck

Even for those not fascinated by nature and geology, it is hard not to marvel and be fascinated by what has been created at Ein Avdat. The spring, an oasis amid the barren and rocky Negev Desert which covers all of Southern Israel, has carved a deep, narrow canyon through the rock. A waterfall has formed, and the pools below it provide a source of life to animal-life – ibex come to drink, and the plants and trees which are able to flourish despite the challenging conditions. Even man was able to populate the area many thousands of years ago in the Nabatean Period, when they formed the city of Avdat (a separate National Park).

The Zin Valley which Ein Avdat is part of. Credit: Tal Gluck
The Zin Valley which Ein Avdat is part of. Credit: Tal Gluck

The most spectacular view of Ein Avdat and the Zin Valley can be seen from beside Ben Gurion’s Grave at Midreshat Ben Gurion. There are two entrances into the Ein Avdat National Park: one here, and one 5km further south. It is possible to walk between the two, however this is really reserved for advanced hikers because it requires climbing metal rungs. The best alternative is to visit Ein Avdat from the Lower Entrance (near Ben Gurion’s Grave), walk along the streambed, and return to where you began.

For those who would prefer to embark upon this trail with a tour guide or logistical support, click here for further information.

Visiting Ein Avdat

Ein Avdat Opening Hours

April-September: 8am – 5pm
October-March: 8am – 4pm
Last entrance one hour before closing time

Entrance Fees

Adult: NIS 27
Child: NIS 14
Israeli senior citizen: 50% discount

Special prices are available for groups

Contact Ein Avdat National Park

Telephone: 08-655-5684 or 08-655-4418

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